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    The russian mob tattoos are some of the best tattoos style-wise/placement imo
  2. Ele'ill
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    just to clarify, I didn't mean to come across like I understand your connection to the ocean in a full way with it being a family thing or whatever so sorry if that came across in a delegitimizing way, but the actual question is did you use the opportunity to get lots of ocean related tattoos, i imagine it makes beer taste better if you have those tattoos and are at a dive bar in some foggy port town
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    I was just being nosy
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    Do you mind if I ask you how old you are?
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  6. Sewer Socialist
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    Oh, I mean yeah, I'm pretty sure I've seen at least two of the Death Wish franchise. There's also Falling Down, which, unfortunately, some people take as a movie with Michael Douglass as the hero.

    And how could I forget about Troma? They do kind of lack substantial plot, though.
  7. Sewer Socialist
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    And I guess that message exceeded the 1000 character limit, but I think that's my favorite timespan of Hollywood - 1969 through... maybe 1994? Pulp Fiction, I think, is the turning point. Cities seem to be portrayed differently now; they're more clean, but colder, more impersonal and lonely. Lost In Translation, Drive, etc. I guess this also corresponds to Guiliani's election as well as the real decay of much of New York like the South Bronx.
  8. Sewer Socialist
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    Oh - I just noticed that I accidentally originally replied to your post on my own profile.

    I wrote "Haha, yeah. I requested a name change to "Sewer Socialist", but it's taking awhile. I came up with a pretty clever signature to tie it all together, though; "Sous les paves, la merde!" I feel like CHUD is a lot more similar to Metropolis than most people would think, but a little more abstract. Too bad they don't win, though."

    Anyway, I think what I like about urban decay movies is when they're hyperbolically silly, or there's a sort of leftism to it - Midnight Cowboy is a good example of the latter. I think the silliness is a later element of the genre, maybe it came around in the late 80s? You got They Live, Escape from New York, CHUD, New Jack City.

    Death Wish feels more unapologetically right wing, serious, and I feel no sense of irony. But I do sort of like the band Charles Bronson.
  9. Sewer Socialist
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    Does "They Live" count as urban decay? Cuz, duh. That's my #1.

    Anyway, I haven't. Downloading it now!! And CHUD II.
  10. Sewer Socialist
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    I haven't seen chud ii - bud the chud though, no spoilers plzz
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On hiatus.

by Os Cangaceiros on 8th May 2009 at 17:46
It's that time again...gotta go back to work. I may be able to stop by every now and then, but for the most part I won't be here for the next 3-4 months.

So hasta la vista, Revleft. Carry on the internet struggle without me, comrades!

30 Days of Night.

by Os Cangaceiros on 9th March 2009 at 05:31
Just saw it, and it's pretty damn good. Probably my favorite "graphic novel" movie thus far (as I found Sin City, 300 and V For Vendetta to all be overrated.)

Plus, it's set in my state! The plot is a bit unrealistic, though...those vampires would only kill a small number of people before a platoon of Barrowites armed with assault rifles and chainsaws would take care of 'em.

It was cool how the vampires were bloodcrazed barbaric killers. I'm tired of the




by Os Cangaceiros on 15th April 2008 at 23:37
I've decided to dump all my favorite quotes on a blog post. So here goes.

"If God exists, he is man's enemy." - PJ Proudhon

"Anarchy is a word that comes from the Greek, and signifies, strictly speaking, "without government": the state of a people without any constituted authority." - Errico Malatesta

"Anarchy may be described as the doctrine that all the affairs of men should be managed by individuals or voluntary associations,


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