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  1. My back hurts.
  2. RotStern
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    Not much just chilling. you?
  3. RotStern
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    Hello GeneCosta
  4. Os Cangaceiros
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    Right on. I've spent a good deal of time in Austin, it's a pretty fun town.
  5. Os Cangaceiros
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    you don't happen to live in austin, do you?
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    Re: the Chinese economy post-1949, check out this chapter of Harris' book. All stats are cited of course, generally using Chinese government sources, and the entire book is very good.
  7. TheCultofAbeLincoln
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    I have created a user group for all leftists in The Great State of Texas.

    Join. Now.

    PS tell your texan friends. Oklahomans welcome upon request.
  8. Weezer
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    Nice to see I'm not the only mutualist here.
  9. IcarusAngel
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    Hey is Perdido Street Station a good book to start with from China Miéville?
  10. Pirate turtle the 11th
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    leftist scholarship program = genuis
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