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False Democracy

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America is seen as a Democracy, but honestly it couldnt be. Yes we have the right to vote, but thats only for representatives that are supposed to represent the people. The legislative branch of this government is way to complicated, they come up with all of these bills and laws they want to pass, but we have to see if a committe approves. Now since this government is a so called "Democracy", shouldnt they see if the people approve instead of these small government committees ?? Obviously they have more control over the government than how it is portrayed as the rule of the people. They dont have a PSA over the types of media alerting the country of a new bill, and asking the American people if they approve of it, absolutly not !! This government is not a democracy, it is a blend of a Oligarchy Republic. You dont see the homeless being being government representatives
Democracy in the sense of a republic, federal, democratic government is NO GOOD, it MUST be taken over and become a Direct Democracy.



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