Abducted, tortured and killed for being gay

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Hi Chris,

Over a hundred men suspected of being gay have been rounded up in secret detention centres, tortured and, according to reliable sources, even killed in the southern Russian republic of Chechnya.

The Chechen government won’t admit that gay men even exist in Chechnya, let alone that they ordered what the police call "preventive mopping up" of people they deem undesirable.

We urgently need your help to call out the authorities on the persecution of individuals of, as they put it, “non-traditional orientation”.

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According to independent daily newspaper, Novaya Gazeta, over 100 men suspected of being gay, have been abducted as part of a coordinated campaign. The men have been reportedly tortured – possibly to disclose the whereabouts of other gay men - and three have even been killed by their captors. But there could be more.

Act now – tell the Chechen authorities to investigate these abductions and bring the perpetrators to justice

‘Honour killings’ are still practiced in deeply conservative Chechnya. Men deemed to have ‘tarnished’ the family’s honour are often killed by a family member who will often enjoy impunity for their crimes.

Tell the Russian and Chechen authorities that they have an obligation to prosecute hate crimes

We need your help to call for prompt, effective and thorough investigations into the reports of abductions and killings of men believed to be gay in Chechnya. Anyone found guilty or complicit in such crimes must be brought to justice.

Take action now – sign our petition.

Thank you,
Kathy Voss
Urgent Action Coordinator
Amnesty International UK
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