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Thread: Noot noot!

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    Default Noot noot!

    [Original: Pinguise] -> [Translation: English]
    Noot noot! I will make Bookchin look like a monarchist!

    [Original: Pinguise] -> [Translation: English]
    Noot, not, noot noot. I will make Einstein look like a capitalist.

    [Original: Pinguise] -> [Translation: English]
    Noot, nootitie noot. I will make Stallman look like an advocate for proprietary software.

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    Pingu is great. You're great. Welcome.
    Strengthened and hardened in the revolutionary melting-pots of the great industrial centres, toughened by repeated economic struggles, victim of crisis and unemployment, witness of the blatant injustice which allows the same cities to contain the palaces of the parasites and the slums of the workers, the proletariat is certainly the revolutionary class, and consequently the only class whose violence can put an end to the social war. - Victor Serge

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