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No, for the love of God, no.

I mean, it depends on how you go about that.

Sure, there's a debate about the effectiveness of prohibition as well, but all too often when alcohol's mentioned I've seen that degenerate into "lol my drug is safer than your drug."

Just make sure you show why prohibition's ineffective. Don't just say "Why not ban alcohol, too?"

Also, Wikipedia is not a reliable source.
My drug is safer than your drug, thats the whole point you can get high off fermented feces but its not safe. Even cocaine and heroine are relatively safe compared to alot of the alternatives out there. The fact that marijuana is safer than alcohol is the reason why its so popular and that argument might not work with people who think alcohol (or even red meat) should be banned, but with them its an entire argument about personal rights, state enforcement, victimless crimes etc. but when you have Jeff sessions claiming marijuana is just as bad as heroin, the FACTUAL knowledge that it is in fact less harmful than heroin is just as important in a legal discussion as it is in a discussion as to what substance where going to get high on tonight before going out.

btw wikipedia is totally reliable just because some kids like to prank their class when their assigned some obscure topic doesn't mean it's not reliable