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  1. Practice & Propaganda

    A place to discuss tactics and get advice on political organisations, campaigns, and activities. Also a place to discuss the theoretics of applying ideas into practice, and to post propaganda for your political organisation (texts, flyers, posters, videos, etc).

    Forum Led by: The Garbage Disposal Unit

  2. Learning

    A place for beginners and learners to ask their political questions about theory or specific issues. Don't worry if you think your questions are stupid or pointless, ask away. Learning is not stupid and is never pointless. Attention: see stickied announcement about forum specific, stricter rules!

    Forum Led by: Global Moderators, Admin

  3. Politics

    Discuss political method and news from around the world and how this affects our struggle against capitalism and oppression.

    Forum Led by: MarxSchmarx

    • Members: 76
    • Discussions: 9
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    Last Post: Yesterday 22:59
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  4. Theory

    A place for indepth discussions on Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Leninism, anarchism, and other politically theoretical topics.

    Forum Led by: Q

  5. Ongoing Struggles

    Discuss the ongoing struggles taking place all over the world right now.

    Forum led by: Blake 3:17

  6. Literature & Films

    Discussions about books, films, the performing arts, and various other forms of literature.

    Forum Led by: KurtFF8

  7. Music

    Discussions about songs, recording artists, musical genres, making music, and anything related to music.

    Forum Led by: bcbm

  8. Philosophy

    Philosophise with fellow RevLeft members on varied topics such as existence, the human condition, or philosophy itself.

    Forum Led by: Sinister Cultural Marxist

  9. Introductions

    For all the new people here, come and introduce yourself. Show us where you live and get to know more about the board. Attention: see stickied announcement about forum specific, stricter rules!

    Forum Led by: Q

  10. Workers' Struggles

    Strikes, Walkouts, Lockouts.
    List them here and discuss by locale.

    Forum Led by: Manoir de mes reves

  11. OI Learning

    A forum for restricted members to ask questions and learn about our politics in a civil and polite atmosphere. Hostile/spam/flame posts will be trashed, and the offenders immediately banned from the subforum.

  12. Religion

    For religious and theological discussion. Talk about god(s), religion(s), and the rest.

    Forum Led by: Madamme Ovaries

  13. History

    Discuss world history from ancient times to the 20th century with a revolutionary viewpoint.

    Forum Led by: Blake's Baby

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  17. Anti-Fascism

    Discuss anti-fascist politics and ways and tactics to fight fascism. Post anti-fascist actions and events. *No personal information*

    Forum Led by: Sasha

  18. Upcoming Events

    Forum to post upcoming events and call outs.

    Forum Led by: Ckaihatsu

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  22. Opposing Ideologies

    Forum for opposing ideologies and beliefs to be discussed; only forum where right-wingers, capitalists, preachers, primitivists, and other restricted members can post. *No Fascists*

    Forum Led by:

  23. Websites

    Talk about your favorite leftist websites; engage in serious discussions regarding content on the internet.

    Forum Led by: Os Cangaceiros

  24. Plastic & Graphic arts

    A place to discuss photography, visual art, propaganda pictures, art theory, art history, and any other art topic.

    Forum Led by: Blake 3:17

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