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    Still alive? I'm surprised the Trotskyo-Stalinist-State capitalist conspiracy hasn't gotten you banned yet.
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    Weird that they don't realize that Trotsky's insane view on the Soviet Union is in direct contradiction to Marxism. The ruling class shapes society in every way, yet according to Trotsky, the workers were in charge in the Soviet Union yet littlethat country did was in the class interests of the workers. It's contradictory. Personally I think the theory of the degenerated workers state is the worst theory on the Soviet Union. Even worse than those who think it was actually socialist.
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    Looks like comradical needs to try opening a book sometimes. Trotsky's view was that the Soviet Union was a proletarian dictatorship, which is clearly wrong. If the workers were in charge, then I don't think they would be destroying their own living standards, murdering themselves. If one thing is absolutely clear, it's that the Soviet Union wasn't a proletarian dictatorship, regardless of whether those hacks Stalin and Trotsky said it was.

    Capitalism isn't wage labor and commodity produciton, it's generalised wage labor and generalised commodity production. These things can appear in other modes of production, but that can't be dominant. It's when that they are the rule that it's capitalism.

    Classical Trotskyists are really just Brezhnevites since they are for the "unconditional defense" of countries where the workers aren't in charge! If it waved a red flag, then the orthodox Trotskyists are for supporting it with some vague mumbling about overthrowing "Stalinist bureaucracy".
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    Yeah, I'm a "stalinist" for adopting exactly Trotsky's positions on the class nature of the Soviet Union. If the property relations of the USSR were already serving the interests of the Soviet bourgeoisie (which your bullshit theory alleges existed) then they would have had no reason to, err I don't know, overthrow the property relations of the USSR in 91-92?
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    USSR had generalized wage labor and commodity production, which according to engels is what defines a mode of production. They had the capitalist mode of production. Whether there was a bourgeois class, however, is a very different debate alltogther.
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    Personally I hate situationism.
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    Well there are other things that differentiate capitalism from feudalism, mostly private ownership, markets, a "flow of money." However the USSR had none of these, so I'm confused as to why it was "state capitalist," any more than a feudal country could be considered so.
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    Confused ? Do you mean do I support the CPRF program in Russia.?
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    What do you think of Dadaism?
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    But it's libertarian nuclear war. What could go wrong with that?
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