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  1. Lenin II
    Are you a Hoxhaist?
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    hahaha. good one.
  3. Bright Banana Beard
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    they only have their own little place, reality will pass them through it as they have no sense for reality.
  4. Bright Banana Beard
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    yeah. I mean like they are still debating which part is true or not, so yeah.
  5. Bright Banana Beard
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    "degenerated worker's state" are even disputed in Trotskyism circle.
  6. Salabra
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    Don't fall into Polish Soviet's trap. :P

    I fall into enough traps of my own devising! LOL
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    Go to live chat.
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    I'm just the "Cool" Trot. I did have it in my user title, but changed it.
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    Haha, it does, but I'm not a Hot Trot. I'm just any ordinary old Trot.
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    LOL at Foxy Hoxy. That makes me laugh everytime I see it. So you're Hoxhaist now?
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Fox shows are also...weird

by Dust Bunnies on 18th July 2009 at 02:10
I was watching the medical show, "Mental" tonight.

To sum it up: A girl tried to commit suicide. They later find out she was born with a penis and testicles but the doctor was new and when trying to circumcise her he somehow snipped her penis off. So the dad decided to make her genitals female and as she grew up gave her constant estrogen and had her mutilated penis and testicles go away and put an artificial vagina in it's place.

So they do a whole bunch of shit



I was in a vein of Capitalism

by Dust Bunnies on 23rd May 2009 at 02:13
Yesterday I was in the vein of Capitalism, New York City (not the Heart since I was not by Wall Street) on a class trip. I saw Time Square, I felt the corruption oozing into my soul. It was "Fleet Week" so the Imperialist pigs of the Navy was on the streets. About 41 passed my group and many more were swarming by. Every time our group went and thanked them. I will admit, due to the corruption of NYC I did shake 3 of their hands.

First I went to the Wax Museum, there was statues



I'm back

by Dust Bunnies on 27th March 2009 at 01:15
I'm back, I missed talking about the glorious revolution :P

I pwn'd today

by Dust Bunnies on 30th January 2009 at 23:52
So I go to a conservative school, this one guy asked, "Why does the US station all these troops protecting countries like Japan."

The teacher was going to say something, but then I opened my mouth and she knew to shut up and let me speak.

"If we pull out, then North Korea will conquer South Korea, and then onto Japan (I know that China has a higher chance of invading if we gave up support, but I was on a roll), then China and North Korea will keep on conquering



Just to put it before I forget...

by Dust Bunnies on 18th January 2009 at 16:26
Since I will get older someday and may forget about 9/11, I will write it here so that I can tell my children with what clarity I have left of the day.

It was a normal September day, I was going back to school, 1st grade I believe, my mom was going to work, and I was dropped off. We went through school like normal, but later, at the end of the day the entire school was brought to the cafeteria. I was not sure why, we sat in our jackets with our backpacks I was confused, never in Kindergarten