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    26th October 2016, 22:46
    Rafiq replied to a thread Veganism in Discrimination
    It is on Which is presently inaccessible and will be accessible the minute when I am done with the text I am presently...
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    26th October 2016, 20:03
    Rafiq replied to a thread Veganism in Discrimination
    You ASK these questions, in a typically anglo-American way, as though there can be a simple response. No. Quite every single thing you ask is...
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    26th October 2016, 19:06
    Rafiq replied to a thread Veganism in Discrimination
    Oh, don't worry about that. You should know by now, child, that you are not by any means and in any circumstance going to get your last word. So you...
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    26th October 2016, 05:44
    Rafiq replied to a thread Veganism in Discrimination
    Indeed there is. Upon real consideration of the actual context in which Marx and Engels speak of "harmony with nature", one would recognize that they...
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    25th October 2016, 21:27
    Rafiq replied to a thread Veganism in Discrimination
    First, I want to make something clear. I don't want to post on Revleft right now. I am very, very busy. So, Full Metal Bolshevik, for future...
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    22nd October 2016, 15:54
    Blake's Baby replied to a discussion Where's Everyone Gone? in group Left Communists
    There are non-secret FB groups such as 'Communist Left' - There's no reason that shouldn't be used...
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  • Il Medico's Avatar
    20th October 2016, 07:22
    Since you've already read through all the possible arguments I could and indeed have (along with TAT and Quail) make about this topic, I doubt I am...
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  • Il Medico's Avatar
    20th October 2016, 06:29
    Il Medico replied to a thread Leninism or Leftism? in Theory
    To answer the OP: When you say Leninism I assume you mean the Marxist-Lennists, Stalinist, Maoist, all those lads on the authoritarian left...
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  • #FF0000's Avatar
    15th October 2016, 22:05
    You're right -- words mean things! And "antisemitism" specifically means hostility towards Jews, and has always meant that.
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    9th October 2016, 20:29
    Blake's Baby replied to a thread Norse in Religion
    Not enough of a scholar to know that Scandinavia was Christianised mainly between the 8th (missions to Denmark) and 12th (when Sweden officially...
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  • Blake's Baby's Avatar
    9th October 2016, 20:15
    That means Stalin must have been a Czar then, because there was certainly no 'socialism' in the USSR. So, as monarchism certainly didn't happen,...
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  • Blake's Baby's Avatar
    9th October 2016, 20:02
    Well, as The Idler demonstrates that depends on what you mean, and what anyone else means, by 'the left'. If you think 'the left' means Bernie...
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  • Blake's Baby's Avatar
    5th October 2016, 22:54
    It's the 'revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat' not 'the reactionary dictatorship of some jumped-up party bastards'. When the party...
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  • Blake's Baby's Avatar
    5th October 2016, 22:44
    Did the majority of the Mensheviks support the entry of the party into the Provisional Government? That's a class line. You may as well support...
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  • Blake's Baby's Avatar
    2nd October 2016, 11:24
    This was originally posted over at the ICC forum and I think it contains some important stuff. If anyone is still payng attention, I'd like to...
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    Man, this was a long-ass time ago, and I don't even know if you still post here, but you were right about Dizaster. His battle with T-Rex was one of the best I've ever seen.
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    *makes good points
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    I thought I was the only battle rap viewer on this board lol What type of left-com are you?You're a very informed poster,do you have any suggested readings from Karl Korsch,Paul Mattick(and his son)Anton Pannakeok and any other left communists that are non-bordigist?(no offense but he makes good and he has some ideas that I think are a bit irrelevant/inchoherent)
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    "You wouldn't squeeze ketchup on franks,led alone spread mayonnaise on bread,you the type to get nauseous off eggs"
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    1 of paper = 4 of coin
    I've gotten many responses for Steve Brule, I'm gonna start a tendency
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    You're a member of the International Communist Tendency? What are they all about? I've checked out theri website but only found minimal information about their politics, platform, programme, etc.
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    Hi, could you please answer to my question in Mandel thread on Zapadni Balkan forum Thx.
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    what is your avatar
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    I'm in the middle of reading this
    It's very good, I recommend reading it
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In other words, paraphrasing Marx, reciting that capitalism has lived through a progressive phase and is today decadent, that it is a transitory economic form like all those that have preceded it, and that it enters the decadent phase when it is no longer able to develop the material productive forces which come into conflict with the existing relations of production, is absolutely not sufficient, neither from a political nor an analytical point of view.
- Fabio Damen


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