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  1. A.J.
    1st October 2015 13:35
    "I was called a 'vile intellectual hack' by a Stalinist fool who took exception to having his inane ramblings about the Second World War dismantled - a feeling doubtless that you are familiar with."

    If your going invent a fictitious story regarding the origin of your pretentious user title you can at least try and concoct something with at least a semblance of plausibility.

    Once again you've fallen on your sword, attempting to self-promote yourself as being really clever yet exposing yourself as a bit of a boob.(making a complete and utter embarrassment of yourself in the process.)
  2. Ele'ill
    8th August 2015 15:53
    oh ya, I mean I thought back in the day we used to basically take the same position kind of like now in rafiq's fantasy thread
  3. Ele'ill
    8th August 2015 14:38
    i can't keep everyone's positions straight but did you and I used to end up in those types of planetary crusade threads often?
  4. A.J.
    5th June 2015 15:18
    "your earlier humiliation?"

    I love this incessant contrived condescension of yours.

    Just for your information, I don't think you are any kind of intellect. Not in the slightest, contrary to attempts to portray yourself as such.

    Your just a pretentious charlatan.
  5. A.J.
    1st June 2015 14:32
    If anyone is a fool it's you.
    Pretentiously self-describing yourself as "intellectual" and claiming you "dismantled"(you really shouldn't flatter yourself) someone's arguments when in reality you just made an utter embarrassed of yourself by praising the foreign policy of the British government in the 1930s in the most cringeworthy and fawning terms imaginable.

    "Stalinist fool"

    You sort of let the cat out bag here. The use of the term "Stalinist" as a perjorative proves that your motivations in vilifying Soviet foreign policy are petty sectarianism rather anything resembling a sober analysis of the concrete situation.

    Lastly, lose the contrived attempts at condescension as I really really don't think your intelligent.
    Not in the slightest.
  6. A.J.
    25th May 2015 13:14
    Calling you an apologist for British imperialism isn't meant as an insult but an observation.

    Also, anyone who self-proclaims themselves to be an intellectual is a bit on the pretentious side.
  7. Palmares
    25th September 2014 03:10
    Nice to see you are still posting on here. Very few old school folk like us around. Even if we disagree on things...
  8. Василиса Прекра
    24th June 2014 12:19
    Василиса Прекра
    So I think your super smart and I'm not trying to be snarky so please don't get mad at me or be mean in the thread. I genuinely just want to have this convo. TY. I only say this cuz lots of people here think it's ok to be mean to me because I my writing style and lack of education.
  9. Xena Warrior Proletarian
    15th May 2014 17:48
    Xena Warrior Proletarian
    That was a killer post in the 'women say no' thread the whole thing had me thoroughly down on humanity. PA seems to be completely delusional, and I'm sure will deny any suggestion that his ridiculous argument has suffered yet another (and this time fatal) injury.
    Thank you.
  10. Sinister Intents
    2nd February 2014 23:23
    Sinister Intents
    You were always one of my favorite members when I was a habitual lurker

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