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Workers-Control-Over-Prod is a student of ideologyWorkers-Control-Over-Prod is a student of ideologyWorkers-Control-Over-Prod is a student of ideologyWorkers-Control-Over-Prod is a student of ideologyWorkers-Control-Over-Prod is a student of ideologyWorkers-Control-Over-Prod is a student of ideologyWorkers-Control-Over-Prod is a student of ideologyWorkers-Control-Over-Prod is a student of ideologyWorkers-Control-Over-Prod is a student of ideologyWorkers-Control-Over-Prod is a student of ideologyWorkers-Control-Over-Prod is a student of ideology
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  1. John Lennin
    14th September 2014 20:49
    John Lennin
    Hat eine Gegenargumentation meinerseits überhaupt Sinn? Dein Urteil über mich steht offenbar sowieso schon fest.
  2. Die Neue Zeit
    15th June 2014 06:42
    Die Neue Zeit
    A new article is up for your reading pleasure. I thought I should have your global modship in the know.
  3. Зловещие Намере
    10th June 2014 00:58
    Зловещие Намере
    I always thought you were an anarchist for some reason I see now I'm wrong from your group memberships lol
  4. Old Bull Lee
    10th March 2014 16:18
    Old Bull Lee
    That's good to hear man. CU this summer, that sounds exciting. I'm also planning a trip overseas and if I can make it, wouldn't mind dropping in on CU, depending on the price.
  5. Old Bull Lee
    7th March 2014 19:05
    Old Bull Lee
    Heh I think the name change threw a few folks for a loop. Not much going on with me, mostly been working lots, trying to get my head straight, saving money, etc...that's mostly what I've been up to for the last year or so. How about yourself? Did you ever get that job you mentioned to me?
  6. John Lennin
    8th January 2014 21:29
    John Lennin
    Vergiss was ich vom SDS gesagt hab. Gerade hab ich meinen Mitgliedsantrag für die Linke abgeschickt!
  7. KokkinoTsakali
    2nd January 2014 13:13
    (Also, the victory of the reformists equals to the strengthening of the Nazis).

    As for my personal condition due to the crisis, I still hold up relatively well. It has struck me, but I can live, just not as well as in the past. (i.e. the majority, including myself, cannot afford heating because oil prices went sky high)
  8. KokkinoTsakali
    2nd January 2014 13:12
    a transitionary programme to socialism, in which we would answer the needs of the working class through the cancellation of the memorandums, open conflict with the European and Greek capitalism, etc.
    Last autumn, the programme of L.P. was voted by 25% of the party's members. In July we had 30% of the vote.

    Now, why do we keep fighting within SYRIZA? Because, SYRIZA, a radical-left party, has managed to win the trust of the working class. Not KKE, nor ANTARSYA. This happened because it supported the popular will for the unity of the Left. SYRIZA is first in polls about future governance, yet Tsipras is not that popular (mainly because of the conservative turn to attract PASOK voters). SYRIZA will most likely be tomorrow's government, so we either join SYRIZA and push it to the left, or we stay out of it and keep criticising it, leaving it to the conservative social-democrats.
  9. KokkinoTsakali
    2nd January 2014 13:12
    Hi comrade. It is true that the reformists are currently the majority in SYRIZA. In SYRIZA's 1st congress, they tried to enlarge the role of the president while attacking the organisations within the party. Many of them chose their disbandment, while others (including mine) chose to oppose this position.

    Generally, Being within SYRIZA opens us possibilities of agitation of a much larger mass. We currently have 2 members of our organization in the Parliament. I consider it a great advantage over the small isolated organisation.

    The truth is that is quite hard to oppose the reformists, as we are a relatively small organisation. We make use of the united-front tactic, and this has earned us much. First, we united with the radical wing of SYN (the "Left Current") forming a coalition of sorts called "Left Platform". The political minimum of this coalition is anti-capitalism, and the defense of SYRIZA's former programme among other things:
  10. Mari3L
    22nd December 2013 21:10

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  • About Workers-Control-Over-Prod
    Santa Cruz, California
    Revolutionary Politics, Economics, Anti-Capitalism, History, Anti-Secterianism
    Political Statement
    I am a Marxist Propagandist of communist or rather marxist, ideas for the Overthrow of Western Imperialism and global Capitalism, to be replaced with workers' control Socialism to Communism (depending on if we still have a planet or human race to bring world wide socialism). At this stage in history and dire condition of our planet and human race, a supporter of any rational parties with a chance of implementing a rational energy and environmental policy through parliamentary means, although i think that capitalism does not have this capability. For the Communist Party, the organisation of the the most conscious workers, the revolutionary Vanguard of the Proletariat; for the arming of the working class and strict Class theorist Socialist institutionalisation. Revolutionary "political" centralisation but economic democratisation. Socialism is the struggle for communism; an international CLASSless, State-less, money-less, and egalitarian society with the implementations of "Each according to his ability, each according to his needs" ONLY in which the age old exploitation of man by man can be abolished.
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    "It is necessary for Communists to enter into contradiction with the consciousness of the masses. . . The problem with these Transitional programs and transitional demands, which don't enter into any contradiction with the consciousness of the masses, or try to trick the masses into entering into the class struggle, create soviets - [is that] it winds up as common-or-garden reformism or economism." - Mike Macnair, on the necessity of the Minimum and Maximum communist party Program.

    "You're lucky. You have a faith. Even if it's only Karl Marx" - Richard Burton


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