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Hermes is a name known to allHermes is a name known to allHermes is a name known to allHermes is a name known to allHermes is a name known to allHermes is a name known to all

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  1. Mistress Sinistra
    16th November 2014 23:53
    Mistress Sinistra
    L'Enferme, why was s/he banned?
  2. Mistress Sinistra
    27th October 2014 02:25
    Mistress Sinistra
    I hate college life especially my own XD society and my family aren't allowing me the recognition
  3. Mistress Sinistra
    27th October 2014 00:23
    Mistress Sinistra
    Ahhhh, I'm sure there is something interesting I find no one boring. My life has so much going on at the moment. The most I want at the moment is thr be acknowledged as a women
  4. Mistress Sinistra
    27th October 2014 00:13
    Mistress Sinistra
    I'm pretty well what's new?
  5. Mistress Sinistra
    26th October 2014 23:10
    Mistress Sinistra
    Hey how are you?
  6. Mistress Sinistra
    17th July 2014 01:53
    Mistress Sinistra
    You are great!
  7. blake 3:17
    6th December 2013 04:49
    blake 3:17
    Do you know anything about the history of the fight against South African apartheid?
  8. Admiral Swagmeister G-Funk
    25th August 2013 10:25
    Admiral Swagmeister G-Funk
    hey, did you find any decent reading that's critical of pornography?
  9. Blake's Baby
    31st January 2013 00:11
    Blake's Baby
    Materialism posits material conditions as being the source of consciousness. While, on the thread, I may have been arguing that 'if everyone stopped believing in capitalism capitalism would stop' I don't believe capitalism's domination of the world is ideological; I don't propose 'changing everyone's minds' or 'teaching everyone socialism'. I think it is people's reflection on their material conditions - which include struggling with their colleagues at work and seeing the shit life that capitalism has in store for us - that produce a revolutionary consciousness. Not that I don't think capitalism is essentially an idea/set of behaviours of course, because it is; but the ideas of millions or billions of people don't change suddenly without material causes.
  10. Blake's Baby
    31st January 2013 00:10
    Blake's Baby
    Sure, they're different people, that explains why they see the world differently. But if all materialism says is 'things happen for reasons but we'll never know what they are' then it isn't really very useful.

    We believe that 'classes' exist and we can make certian predictions based on that, but we can never predict how individuals will react, because we can never take everything into account. Even with classes we have to be cagey. The bourgeoisie, we're pretty confident, will maintain its role as long as it can. The proletariat? Much more difficult to predict. On the one hand, it's compelled to resist in order to protect its own conditions of life, which could lead to going on the offensive; but, it is being appressed so mightily that it may be impossible to offer meaningful resistance. From a class point of view, there are 3 possibilities; resistance, offense, or submission. But from an individual point of view there are multiple options.

    OK - gotta take a break, post's too long


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