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Questionable is a student of ideologyQuestionable is a student of ideologyQuestionable is a student of ideologyQuestionable is a student of ideologyQuestionable is a student of ideologyQuestionable is a student of ideologyQuestionable is a student of ideologyQuestionable is a student of ideologyQuestionable is a student of ideologyQuestionable is a student of ideologyQuestionable is a student of ideology

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  1. Red Commissar
    18th March 2014 14:02
    Red Commissar
    1862 saw the Confederacy passing a law drafting troops, this was expanded with conscription laws in 1863. There were states that challenged this on the basis that this was an overreach of the Confederate government, though the states courts upheld this so as not to deviate from the war. Here's a law journal's excerpt on that

    It mentions the abused mechanism in the southern armies where often the rich landowners, either not wanting to fight themselves or not getting the cushy officer commission (particularly in the cavalry), could defer the draft by basically paying a fee and getting some poor sucker to stand in for them. This point is referred to in a lot of the histories of the civil war.

    Jefferson Davis was said to've basically reasoned that the Confederacy had to match the north's conscription as opposed to relying entirely on a volunteer force that was individually supported by each state.
  2. The Garbage Disposal Unit
    17th March 2014 13:26
    The Garbage Disposal Unit
    Thanks for the acknowledgement, I guess. IDK, I think it might just reflect some of my on-the-ground experience, and friendship with some real-life MLs who, for all our disagreement if you "zoom out", actually work quite well together in terms of day-to-day practical activity. It makes me sensitive to broad-brush flames that start from the idea that all MLs are teenagers with Stalin fetishes whose primary practical activity is Albania-apologia. 'Cos, yeah, not true.
  3. Yet_Another_Boring_Marxist
    19th February 2014 04:59
    Alright good I hope to hear from him. Did he say anything else?
  4. Yet_Another_Boring_Marxist
    17th February 2014 04:15
    No I didn't could you tell him to get on AIM and message me? That's the most reliable way of contacting me. Either that or just ask me for my email since I don't know if he sent it to the right one
  5. Yet_Another_Boring_Marxist
    6th February 2014 02:19
    Hey do you know how I can get in contact with Vincent West/Seaman
  6. Remus Bleys
    24th November 2013 22:56
    Remus Bleys
    Sources for this book, marxist philosophy, still being taught throughout the stalin era and having the neg of the neg. You've simply stated this.
    You know questionable, its late and i really don't want to have to go through everything stalin wrote right now - hes a shit writer already. So I really won't respond till you answer my question./
  7. Remus Bleys
    24th November 2013 22:31
    Remus Bleys
    Still you never actually provided sources for any of your claims. You've simply said they included the neg of the neg way back when.
  8. Remus Bleys
    24th November 2013 22:27
    Remus Bleys
    Source for this other than furr or hoxha.
    Stalin. Allowed publication of dialectics because he already stripped it.
    I really mjust insist you answer me or I shan't reply to you. This is me saying this now, before you respond, for all to see if you can answer this or not.
  9. Remus Bleys
    24th November 2013 21:26
    Remus Bleys
    So why did Stalin ever right on dialectics at all?
    Now Im on a computer Ill do more research on this book.
    Why didn't post-stalin not censor lenin? why did post stalin not censor marx? At that point, there was no need to. The ideology had already been determined.
  10. Remus Bleys
    24th November 2013 20:00
    Remus Bleys
    again, that was written in 1906 or 7 whatever.
    This conversation cannot move forward until you provide sources for your shit about how it was taught in schools, and answer my question on why stalin did not include it.

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