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  1. Brutus
  2. Anglo-Saxon Philistine
    31st May 2013 11:28
    Anglo-Saxon Philistine
    I realise that, but try telling that to our administrators... anyway, I've received an e-mail from the German Spartacists; it seems I will have to send an actual letter to the German section (I had tried to avoid that since the mail isn't reliable here), but at least things are moving in a possibly productive direction.
  3. Anglo-Saxon Philistine
    25th May 2013 13:43
    Anglo-Saxon Philistine
    Good grief, the animus some people on this site display toward the ICL (and probably the IBT, IG, IR) is nothing short of legendary. Looking at people's posts, one would be excused for thinking that their stance on the age of consent laws is literally the only thing the Spartacists have ever published.

    Well, that and their stance on North Korea.

    So, concerning the ICL, I have contacted them (via email since my current PO box is an unsecure leaky... well, box, in the middle of nowhere) over a week ago, and have still received no response. This is normal, of course, I don't expect them to have someone online 24/7 to answer emails, but I was wondering, do you know how much it takes for them to respond on average?
  4. Anglo-Saxon Philistine
    15th April 2013 23:08
    Anglo-Saxon Philistine
    It refers to the tabletop miniatures wargame "Warhammer 40 000" and the human factions' xenophobic faith in their emperor. The point being, of course, that fideism can justify just about anything.

    Spirituality is one of those things I simply don't "get"; it seems to be a way for people to have their cake, er, deity, and only follow those religious rules they want to. I don't think it's terribly consistent, and it's usually expressed in such vague terms it might not mean anything at all.

    But what fascinates me is the popularity of religion among the left - and not just the sort of religiosity "by default" that is the scourge of our times, but of enthusiastic, vocal religion being presented as completely leftists, and at least on the same footing as science (!). Then again, similar things happened in the revolutionary downswing after the 1905 revolution - empirio-criticism, bogostroitelstvo, and so on, and so on.
  5. Anglo-Saxon Philistine
    15th April 2013 10:28
    Anglo-Saxon Philistine
    Defensores, not defensored. I really should not post while under the influence.
  6. Anglo-Saxon Philistine
    15th April 2013 10:27
    Anglo-Saxon Philistine
    Indeed, comrade, you have to experience the Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost, Jesus, some vague eclectic "revelation" or, I guess, the Light of the Astronomican in order to believe. But in the meantime, you should by all means treat religious statements as if they were true or at least probable. And when their inanity is pointed out, attack science with some pomo nonsense or though-guy ultra-"materialism".

    The defensored fidei have still not responded to the thread... how is it that we get so many people like that? I can (sort of) understand that many members are religious, but I would have thought no one would actually defend religion on this site.
  7. l'Enfermé
    23rd August 2012 14:40

    The vanguard party is not Leninist in it's origin. He gets it from Kautsky and the whole idea comes from the Communist Manifesto(where Marx/Engels state that the communists are the most conscious and militant section of the proletariat and the one that pushes the rest of the proletariat pushes the proletariat forward, and is the only part of the proletariat that clearly sees the conditions and results of the proletarian movement - i.e communists are the vanguard of the proletariat). Do not be fooled by the fabrications of the Stalinists and Anarchists.
  8. Geiseric
    30th May 2012 18:32
    Hey dude, are you part of an organization? Have you ever checked out La Verte, the magazine of 4th International (ICR)? You'd probably like it.
  9. Leftsolidarity
    21st March 2012 03:05
    Why do you refer to Stalin as an Ultra-leftist?
  10. Kassad
    14th February 2012 23:30
    Thanks for your response.

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