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  1. dodger
    16th September 2015 19:47

    As for Jeremy Corbyn, he will either compromise to the point where he is totally compromised or the political assassins, probably from his own side of the House, will dispatch him. Either way, the British working class will not have advanced one iota by his election.

    Read full article via link above:
  2. LeninistIthink
    15th September 2015 15:54
    So the difference is that Brar and co and is linked to imperialism????
  3. dodger
    15th September 2015 14:16
    EU referendum: first moves

    13 SEPTEMBER 2015

    A referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU will happen within the next couple of years. It was promised in the Conservative election manifesto and Prime Minster Cameron has said it will take place by the end of 2017. The Labour Party initially said it would oppose a referendum unless there were plans for the EU to return powers to Britain. Now it has dropped that stance.

    To read in full--follow above link.
  4. LeninistIthink
    13th September 2015 10:06
    Hello comrade, what are the differences between CPBML and CPGB-ML, is one more pro hoxha or something???
  5. dodger
    10th September 2015 02:57

    EU migration shambles and the drive to war

    9 SEPTEMBER 2015

    What’s behind the misnamed “migrant crisis” and what does it say about the European Union? This is not something new. We have to look at how it started to understand what’s going on and what British workers should do.

    Capitalism is waging war against workers worldwide to wreck countries and uproot their peoples. The NATO powers, especially Britain and the USA, instigated the “Arab spring” risings across the Middle East and North Africa. The NATO powers attacked Iraq and Libya as well as fuelling the war in Syria. The EU has backed all NATO’s wars of aggression. That’s the main reason for the huge number of migrants on the move.
    Link above--read article in full.
  6. dodger
    7th September 2015 16:17

    When Britain leaves the EU

    CPBML public meetings
    Tuesday 22 September 2015 19:30
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    Brockway Hall, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL
    Over the past 70 years, Britain’s ruling class, supported by parliamentary parties of all hues, have sought to enmesh Britain in the European Union.

    Their vision of Europe is one of backwardness and the dead ideas of the “freedoms” of capitalism – the freedom to exploit, the freedom to oppress, and the freedom to move capital and labour as they wish.

    With the euro in meltdown, come and discuss why Britain can only thrive outside the EU, and what Britain needs to do to retain its integrity, sovereignty and unity as an island of labour. All welcome.
  7. dodger
    2nd August 2015 02:54

    The corporative fantasy so beloved of Labour and Trots....even Greece has not rubbed the gilt off.
  8. dodger
    18th July 2015 01:36
    This review is from: On Socialism: Selections from Writings of Karl Marx, Frederick Ngels, V.I. Lenin, J.V. Stalin, Mao Zedong (Paperback)
    This is an invaluable collection of Marxist classics, a fine introduction to socialism. The editor, Irfan Habib, is Professor Emeritus of History at the Aligarh Muslim University.

    He notes in his Preface that “full-fledged socialist economies were established in many countries, including the territorially largest (the Soviet Union) and the most populous (China) in the world. J. V. Stalin (1879-1953) and Mao Zedong (1893-1976) respectively presided over the building of socialism in the Soviet Union and China, and contributed much to the actual shaping of socialist society in real life. In that real world, socialism brought emancipation, land, livelihood, education to workers, peasants and women, in the most backward regions of the world
  9. dodger
    11th July 2015 07:41
  10. dodger
    11th July 2015 03:36
    The Budget
    The working class should not become dependent on parliament graciously granting what politicians determine to be satisfactory pay. Workers need to accept responsibility for their own wages and fight for them on their own behalf.

    Let politicians, no matter which party they represent, announce whatever fiscal measures they wish; it is up to workers to decide on what they require and then galvanise their trade unions to pursue those ends by whatever means they deem are appropriate.

    This is the difference between being passive recipients of grudging largesse at best in seeming competition with other workers, or acting as a class with the common interest being the welfare of all.
    Read the full article via link:

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