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  1. Cosmonaut
    3rd October 2014 01:00
    Why not?
  2. Cosmonaut
    2nd October 2014 00:16
    Do you like Juche (my ideology changed)?
  3. Herr Unrat
    11th May 2014 16:14
    Herr Unrat
    It seems you're the guy when it comes to Gramsci. So I'd like to ask if you know any good biographies about the man?

    Also, some 'gramscians' became democratic socialists/reformists. Do you think it is justifiable or a perversion of Gramsci?

    Thanks in advance.
  4. Questionable
    18th March 2014 12:45
    "...the South's attempts to centralize and violate its states' rights commitment in order to raise more troops and supplies."

    Since it might be a while before I can read that book, could you elaborate on this point in your own words? The guy I'm speaking to is basically trumpeting the narrative that Lincoln turned into a lawbreaking dictator to fight the South, so it would be nice to throw some of his rhetoric back at him.
  5. BOZG
    8th November 2013 04:57
    Happy birthday! And fucking hell, that USSR thread is a nightmare.
  6. Questionable
    31st October 2013 17:26
    Are you interested in playing Civ5? I'm trying to get something together tonight or tomorrow.
  7. khad
    10th September 2013 20:43
    Perhaps next time I should put the word "conspiracy" in bold 72-pt red font to make sure you don't expend undue time and energy in making yourself look like a fool.
  8. Leonid Brozhnev
    28th July 2013 09:36
    Leonid Brozhnev
    *lack of political commentary, I meant. Derp.
  9. Leonid Brozhnev
    28th July 2013 08:51
    Leonid Brozhnev
    It's just a shame they threw away the neutrality and political commentary of the first game to something akin to full scale cold war propaganda in the second, I suppose the neutrality in the first was to stop them being accused of bias since they couldn't possibly portray the Americans as anything other than brave, heroic, morally superior supersoldiers that shit red, white and blue.
    Compared to the mod, CoH2 is very much like our early version, which also annoyed a lot of Russians. But then, we never claimed it was historically accurate, we maintained the mod was for entertainment purposes and shouldn't be taken as fact. Quinn Duffy doesn't seem to get that part, he seems to think CoH2 is some kind of history lesson, his arrogance is mindblowing and should probably piss a lot more people off than it has done.
  10. Leonid Brozhnev
    28th July 2013 08:50
    Leonid Brozhnev
    Haha, we'll it's pretty much what I expected from a western game developer... exaggerated, insensitive, full of cliches and stereotypes. I could probably write a lengthy article on how inaccurate the game is and why Quinn Duffy is a prick for pedalling this kind of crap, but it's not worth the energy. The Russians are giving the game a good kicking anyway, even if it is mostly over dented national pride than accuracy, I mean the sentiments in the game were mainly anti-Soviet rather than anti-Communist so I wasn't overly bothered by the narrative (other than it being cheesy, predictable garbage) but I can see why it upsets them.


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