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A Revolutionary Tool is a dedicated cadreA Revolutionary Tool is a dedicated cadreA Revolutionary Tool is a dedicated cadreA Revolutionary Tool is a dedicated cadreA Revolutionary Tool is a dedicated cadreA Revolutionary Tool is a dedicated cadreA Revolutionary Tool is a dedicated cadreA Revolutionary Tool is a dedicated cadreA Revolutionary Tool is a dedicated cadreA Revolutionary Tool is a dedicated cadreA Revolutionary Tool is a dedicated cadre
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  1. ∞
    25th July 2014 20:48
    madea mixtape if you wanna chekitout
  2. Mistress Sinistra
    24th February 2014 18:10
    Mistress Sinistra
    I was stoned when I asked That's awesome! Bears are great. For me I'd have to say dogs, for we have many
  3. Mistress Sinistra
    20th February 2014 02:16
    Mistress Sinistra
    What is your favorite animal?
  4. A Revolutionary Tool
    23rd July 2013 20:06
    A Revolutionary Tool
    Right. The guy had a branch left from his crops and we smoked the whole thing that night aha. It will take you on an adventure alright. It's also like the greatest conversation piece and you can beat someone with it if you need to.

    I was surprised when I saw behavior like that too here. Like damn there really is star wars shit going on out there, wouldn't expect it from commies though.
  5. Ace High
    23rd July 2013 19:40
    Ace High
    But yeah I know right, I just thought it was funny that people got offended for me criticizing Kanye because celebrity worship is not very typical for people on this forum. It's sort of like all of a sudden they reverted back to some kind of pop culture brainwash. But yeah, I just thought it was funny lol.
  6. Ace High
    23rd July 2013 19:36
    Ace High
    My god, hahaha now THAT is crazy. I suppose anything with the name Gandalf given to it is going to be bad ass. 2.6 grams in a bowl, jesus. That's such a good idea though, bring it to a party and be like "anybody can use it just smoke me out". Hahaha, genius xD
  7. Ace High
    23rd July 2013 18:25
    Ace High
    Yeah hahaha it looks like you're hitting the crack pipe or something xD But ahhh ok, so you're in Cali huh. I'm actually trying to possibly move to LA with a friend in about a year. Everyone says they are moving to LA haha, but we want to because there's this school we wanna go to.

    But holy shit, a Gandalf pipe?? Wow, now that sounds insane. In the aisles???? Now I have smoked in questionable places, but never the aisles of a store. Props for that, lol.

    Oh and on a side note, look at the thread called "Kanye yay or nay". Hahahaha this *****, I forgot his name, he was like attacking me for simply criticizing Kanye West, as if it deeply affected him on a personal level, lol. I'm like "wait what dude." xD
  8. Ace High
    23rd July 2013 17:25
    Ace High
    Oh yeah, like you heat the fuck out of that weird metal piece thing until it literally turns red hot. Or that's what my friend did at least. Yeah I never thought about that though, I recently quit my job so I don't have much money anymore, so that would be a good option lol. I can't make the shit myself though, I didn't pay much attention in chemistry class.

    Bongs are awesome, but it would be nice to have a vape when I get my next piece. I suppose one can dream right?
  9. Ace High
    22nd July 2013 17:58
    Ace High
    Yeah for real, this guy who sold to me a while back tried to like sit me down and give me a rolling lesson and I was just like look man, I gotta go. Hahaha.

    But yeah! You mean dabbed as in that wax shit? Like the stuff that looks like honey? I actually had a dab the other day for the first time in a while. And see I need to get a cool bong like that, it's just whenever I have enough money for one I'm like, nah I'll get some weed instead lol. And the cycle continues.
  10. Ace High
    22nd July 2013 01:26
    Ace High
    I can't roll for shit either and I've been smoking forever. But yeah I cannot roll. I usually smoke from bongs too, I have this acrylic one lol. But yeah you probably will have to swallow your words, it's hard to resist at night haha. I actually made it pretty much all day yesterday.

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    We claim to live and die equal, the way we were born: we want this real equality or death; that’s what we need.
    And we’ll have this real equality, at whatever price. Unhappy will be those who stand between it and us! Unhappy will be those who resist a wish so firmly expressed.
    The French Revolution was nothing but a precursor of another revolution, one that will be bigger, more solemn, and which will be the last.
    -Gracchus Babeuf


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