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El Chuncho A fundamentally profound intellectEl Chuncho A fundamentally profound intellectEl Chuncho A fundamentally profound intellectEl Chuncho A fundamentally profound intellectEl Chuncho A fundamentally profound intellectEl Chuncho A fundamentally profound intellectEl Chuncho A fundamentally profound intellectEl Chuncho A fundamentally profound intellectEl Chuncho A fundamentally profound intellectEl Chuncho A fundamentally profound intellectEl Chuncho A fundamentally profound intellect

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  1. Obs
    8th April 2011 23:26
    Yes, some people are very quick to cause a riot in defense of rapists and perverts.
  2. Obs
    8th April 2011 22:49
    I never saw that thread after I posted in it. When I came home, it was gone. What happened?
  3. Lenina Rosenweg
    8th April 2011 17:07
    Lenina Rosenweg
    Thanks comrade, sounds interesting, I do appreciate it.
  4. Bud Struggle
    7th April 2011 23:27
    Bud Struggle
    Chunkster! You are an honorary member of OI. Good reasonable posts. And with a sense of humor--such things are not much seen in these part.
    6th April 2011 18:02
    Morris was very important in British socialism and is very important in the history of socialism as a whole. By all means, read E.P. Thompson's biography. It's inspiring.

    Morris, perhaps the finest poet in England of his time, died at 63 of pneumonia, which he contracted after speaking about socialism at a factory gate in the rain!
  6. 727Goon
    6th April 2011 01:11
    thanks for the kind words man, it means a lot
  7. Rjevan
    5th April 2011 10:30
    Thanks, comrade. It's no surprise that bourgeois class interest gave rise to ridiculous slander against both Stalin and the USSR. But it's sad to see many leftists so uncritically swallowing even the crudest anti-communist accusations. They don't realise that they play into the hands of the bourgeoisie, weaken the communist movement and discredit everything great which was achieved in the name of socialism. If Trotsky or whoever had been in his place we'd hear the same lies about them. This is not to say that we mustn't criticise Stalin and blindly glorify the USSR but there's a huge difference between being critical of Stalin's (actual) theories and policies and arguing along the line of "Zomg, totalitarian mass murderer just like Hitler!!!"

    If you are interested in the extent of "Western hostility" I recommend reading this book, it documents anti-Bolshevik activity by the West from the very moment when Lenin arrived in Petrograd:
  8. Os Cangaceiros
    5th April 2011 08:20
    Os Cangaceiros
    Is that Franco Nero in your avatar?
  9. Red_Struggle
    5th April 2011 01:14
    Thank you, comrade. But the credit goes to Ludo Martens and the comrades in the Neo-Stalinist group.
  10. Bud Struggle
    2nd April 2011 19:47
    Bud Struggle
    Good taste in music.

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  • About El Chuncho
    Marxist-Leninist, though not a hardcore sectarian, grow up as a peasant, not a worker.
    History and science, Leftism and reading.
    Political Statement
    I am a Marxist-Leninist. I believe that whilst comrade Stalin had his faults, he acted for the good of the people and his faults are over-exaggerated by some of the left. I disagree with Trotsky, and find him naive on issues, but I do not especially hate him or Trotskyists. At the end of the day I would side with any leftist against a rightist. I am not a great sectarian thinking that Pan-Leftism is more helpful than bickering, and I am inspired by the non-Marxist pre-Marx and Mark-contemporaries such as William Morris, Winstanley and Bertrand Russell (despite his naiveties regarding Marxism-Leninism).

    I also believe in 'Socialism in One Country', thinking that before you can liberate the world, you have to start in your home. I agree with the wars of national liberation throughout the world, including in Ireland (though the IRA seem somewhat dubious at the moment) and the Middle-Eastern countries, and then built your country up.

    I believe that cultures are, in Stalin's words, "neither racial nor tribal, but a historically formed community of people". I think monocultural internationalism is impossible and unrealistic, preferring multicultural internationalism.

    Though Marxist-Leninists are portrayed as humourless, I am not even above seeing humour in my own ideology.
  • Signature
    ''Don't buy bread with that money, hombre! Buy dynamite! Dynamite!''

    ''I am a Marxist-Leninist, and I will be a Marxist-Leninist until the last days of my life.'' - Fidel Castro

    '' I have sworn before a picture of the old and mourned comrade Stalin that I won't rest until I see these capitalist octopuses annihilated.''' - ''Che'' Guevara


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