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Vladimir Innit Lenin is a master of the leftVladimir Innit Lenin is a master of the leftVladimir Innit Lenin is a master of the leftVladimir Innit Lenin is a master of the leftVladimir Innit Lenin is a master of the leftVladimir Innit Lenin is a master of the leftVladimir Innit Lenin is a master of the leftVladimir Innit Lenin is a master of the leftVladimir Innit Lenin is a master of the leftVladimir Innit Lenin is a master of the leftVladimir Innit Lenin is a master of the left
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  1. Brutus
    8th February 2014 13:17
    Brilliant name change
  2. Remus Bleys
    2nd January 2014 22:46
    Remus Bleys
    I don't hate scenery and I don't hate my culture from a personal perspective, I rather enjoy middle america food (its the only thing I can eat even). That shit is cool, but I don't take "pride" rather, interest. I'm just as likely to boo at nationalists from, I don't know, China, as i would America, but likewise, I would take as much appreciation in things that I found interesting in other cultures as I would "my" own.

    By incomprehensible I meant I literally cannot understand a word Springsteen says.
  3. Mistress Sinistra
    1st January 2014 04:23
    Mistress Sinistra
    BVoss! what chu wan me to dio next??
  4. Remus Bleys
    3rd December 2013 08:17
    Remus Bleys
    You asked me in a thread about libertarian socialism and that I referred to things as being liberal. I can't be bothered to find the thread.
    I'm really tired righ now but I'm just going to say this: about the freedom of the press, under a proletarian dictatorship I think it wouldn't be a right everyone had and reactionary newspapers would be forcibly stopped.
    My thinking on it is largely in agreement with lenin here (meaning I happen to agree with lenon. I'm not trying to appeal to authority I'm just saying id like to message you before I forget and I recognize any argument I make will sound incoherent, the basics of it are in this document):
    Feel free to challenge me on something if you'd like.
  5. Quail
    2nd December 2013 22:39
    I don't know if it was pointing out of their skin, but they had to have gas and air while the first aid people twisted it back into place and put it in a splint. Probably the worst injury I've seen on a Judo mat (touch wood haha).

    It's perhaps good being small when people are practising scary throws because they can usually throw me with a good level of control
  6. Quail
    2nd December 2013 22:24
    I've never heard anyone else say it can be dangerous I suppose Judo in general can be a bit dangerous. Someone broke their shin at SUKT, which looked extremely painful to say the least. I actually had to go outside because it makes me feel dizzy seeing injuries.

    Ura nage is not something I've managed to get working particularly well, but most people are a bit heavy to practice it on really. There are a few people my size but most of the people I train with are at least 20kg heavier than me.
  7. Quail
    2nd December 2013 22:06
    I like kosoto gake and tani otoshi as counters. I tend to use ogoshi left-handed to make up for being a bit crap at grip-fighting a lot of people tend to get a dominating right handed grip which leaves an opening for me to get a left handed grip on them. I should really practice breaking grips a bit more.
  8. Quail
    2nd December 2013 21:36
    Yeah... I think that is one of the worst posts I've seen in a while.

    I threw my opponent with kosoto gake (perhaps) for waza-ari and then ogoshi for ippon had a couple of other fights too with people in a different weight category but lost them both. Still, I was happy. It was less scary than I thought. Well, once I got on the mat anyway.
  9. Quail
    2nd December 2013 21:15
    You posted in the awful rape thread criticising my moderating (I think), but I am currently having technical problems with the admin/mod panels so I can't actually do anything other than warn or issue infractions at the moment. Which is somewhat frustrating.

    On a lighter note I won a gold at SUKT (though there was only one other person in my weight category so maybe that's not as good as it sounds).
  10. Mari3L
    4th November 2013 22:11
    Just to respond to you here based on those trashed posts. Can you find the likeness between Steve Holt and Luis Henrique? It's really really obvious. Both signing/calling out their own names when they make an appearance. That is what the comment was about. This was poor performance from an administrator, in a thread that is basically about more communication when someone says something questionable, and they speak for me, and then infract me. Complete sillyness.

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