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  1. l'Enfermé
    7th August 2012 01:49

    An example of sectarianism, in the political sense, would be zealous in-fighting between factions within a Trotskyist party, or in-fighting between a group of Anarcho-syndicalists. Arguments between Marxists(not that the guy is an actual Marxist, he's just a Stalinoid) and Anarchists can't possible be sectarianism, Marxists and Anarchists are not factions of one movement, Marxian Socialism and the various forms of Anarchism are two entirely different, and most of the time, opposed, movements.

    I mean, according to you, is Rosa Luxemburg of all people, guilty of "sectarian stupidity" when she calls Anarchism the "signboard of the counter-revolutionary lumpenproletariat"? Was Marx guilty of "sectarian stupidity" when he fought with all his might to expel the Bakunists, the then-representatives of Anarchism, from the First International?

    Think about it, comrade.
  2. black magick hustla
    18th June 2012 10:03
    black magick hustla
    omg you came back
  3. RedGrunt
    9th December 2011 20:39
    It says during the Hellenistic period children of Jewish men seem to have been considered Jewish, even remarking Josephus' commenting at the time to such a fashion or regarding them as "half jews". I have heard before that the extra rabbinical interpretations were influenced by Babylonian society, however this could of simply been some anti-semitic source similar to the Ashkenazim are Khazar converts to Judaism that I've heard has it's origin from anti-semites. (sorry to post so much )
  4. RedGrunt
    9th December 2011 20:38
    "In contrast, the Book of Ezra relates that the prophet Ezra, a Jewish priestly scribe, commanded his Jewish followers amidst the Babylonian captivity (c. 459 BCE) to divorce their foreign wives, and this sometimes has been regarded as the foundation of the present rule. According to the Bible, Ezra resolved the identity threat which arose by the intermarriage between Jews and foreigners and provided a definite reading of the Torah." So perhaps Babylon rather.
  5. RedGrunt
    9th December 2011 20:29
    I'd imagine the Greeks also traced genealogy through the father though. I would think that it's indeed due to another culture's influence(perhaps Persia?) and rule over the Jews that influenced that Talmud/Oral Law and so forth of Rabbinical sages, but the OT isn't itself necessarily an accurate depiction. I think tracing genealogy through the mother makes more sense though, regardless. The X chromosome is essentially the basis of humanity, the Y merely acting upon that basis, not to mention the mother's whole role in childbearing and birth. lol I like how, for instance, the Spanish give both sides' surnames to their children.
  6. black magick hustla
    30th July 2011 08:16
    black magick hustla
    i think its a really interesting take though. the idea that it is two gaussian distributions that overlap in the middle. because there are indeed some men who have higher pitched voices, lower muscle mass, higher estrogen, lower body hair etcetera, but they are considered "men" but it makes more sense to see it as a point along a sort of gaussian. of course i might be talking out of my ass, but surprisingly i've never heard of a similar take before. because everyone makes it seem as if "sex is biological" and "gender is created" but sex might be ill defined.
  7. black magick hustla
    30th July 2011 07:52
    black magick hustla
    hi. i liked your post on how sex is ill defined and its rather to "curves" and not two spikes. do you know of any lit. that talks about it? i've never thought about it in those terms. thnx
  8. Olentzero
    14th July 2011 08:28
    'S pretty clear you do, that's for sure. Thanks for the in-depth explanation, as well!
  9. Olentzero
    13th July 2011 14:58
    Instead of derailing the Nat Geo thread I just wanna say I dig it when you talk nerdy.
  10. ʇsıɥɔɹɐuɐ ıɯɐbıɹo
    14th June 2011 20:38
    ʇsıɥɔɹɐuɐ ıɯɐbıɹo
    Ian doesn't want anyone talking about your ban anymore. He said no more.


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