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  1. The Idler
    31st July 2015 22:22
    The Idler
    Are you going to CU 2015?
  2. The Idler
    27th July 2015 19:54
    The Idler
    knew you wouldn't be able to resist joining my Menshie group
  3. Sinister Intents
  4. Sinister Intents
    26th May 2015 01:36
    Sinister Intents
    I think the "This isn't what I signed up for" thread should be closed.
  5. Die Neue Zeit
    31st January 2015 22:13
    Die Neue Zeit
    Here's a longer version of my letter cobbled up from prior posts and submissions, turned into a new blog:

    Communitarian Populist Fronts: History and Current Events

    In response to comradely demand, I anticipate it will be edited to be even longer, to take into account submissions in the near future.
  6. RedKobra
    14th January 2015 13:28
    I might be able to make it, although I'd obviously like to have something local to me so I can get more involved on a regular basis. I hope they get back to me.
  7. RedKobra
    14th January 2015 12:03
    ...If, however you attack the "intellectuals" who lead these movements in a way that opens up dialogue with that "intellectual" you can both undermine their authority, undermine their invincibility and most importantly the members of these parties would be much more willing to listen, firstly because it would be in the form of a dialogue, so they had an interest in the conversation but secondly and most importantly these members often have no great love or loyalty for these "intellectuals" they just don't know how to remove them. So, I would favour the paper opening up conversations with individual leaders of the other parties on doctrinal lines and arguing through our differences. Demonstrate in public the errors of the likes of Alex Callinicos, Harpal Brahr, Peter Taaffe.etc

    But yeh, if they're active in my area I will join.
  8. RedKobra
    14th January 2015 12:02
    ...Secondly the party seems a bit removed from the working class. They seem to talk amongst themselves for the most part which is a problem.
    Thirdly, despite their defense of the Weekly Worker I think if I were the editor the constant sniping of other groups would change to a more constructive engagement with the ideas of individual socialists and communists. By all means attack something Alex Callinicos has said or believes but just attacking the SWP seems to me a bit pointless. The reason I believe this is because the parties of the left are weak and an easy target but the sectarian loyalty of the members is strong. Also the level of democracy within these parties is also minimal so even if individual members agree with the WW critique they can't really do anything about it.

  9. RedKobra
    14th January 2015 12:01
    I am familiar with the CPGB PCC & in fact I emailed them the other day about whether they had a cell in my local area, I haven't heard back though.
    I think they have some interesting ideas although there are some things that I'm not so keen on. The Left Unity project, for example. It seems to be slowly dying and tbh I think it was always going to as it was horribly deformed from the very beginning. The CPGB PCC still believe in the project though, so that would be a difference.
    Secondly the party seems a bit removed from the working class. They seem to talk amongst themselves for the most part which is a problem.

  10. Die Neue Zeit
    9th January 2015 02:08
    Die Neue Zeit
    (Belated) Happy New Year, comrade!

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Posted 14th April 2015 at 15:57 by Q Comments 0
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A post where I shortly explain what 'orthodox' Marxism is all about.

Originally Posted by Cumulus View Post
I see. I've found myself agreeing with the SPGB before. So, what are the main tenets of orthodox Marxism as opposed to other types?
Originally Posted by Q View Post
I ought to make a blogpost out of this. Maybe this will be it

There are a few main tenets, although it isn't a very monolithic current in itself. The latter precisely because of the strong emphasis on democratic debate and, as such, the right to disagree.

Posted 30th May 2014 at 00:18 by Q Comments 2
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So, as you may have gathered, although this wasn't announced broadly in the English part of the forum, I have left the CWI as per April 30 of this year, together with another comrade, in order to join a few other comrades in publically launching the Communist Platform, with its magazine Kompas.

To some comrades, this might come as a surprise, after all I joined the CWI in late 2005. Others might find it less surprising, given the political trajectory I was developing into - from Trotskyism...

Posted 19th April 2014 at 23:39 by Q Comments 4
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A short blog this time, giving reply to why we would need to build a "shell within the old order":

Originally Posted by ComradeOm View Post
I'm generally not in the habit of quoting dead Russians but Preobrazhensky's comments on the economic preconditions of capitalism socialism are still very relevant today. The second paragraph is the key passage.

Originally Posted by The New Economics
Capitalist production arises and develops within the womb of feudal society, or of feudal society which has been half disintegrated by commodity economy,

Posted 7th November 2013 at 07:09 by Q Comments 10
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Some time since I gave an update on my political work, although not much has been worthy of reporting.

After a few months of coming together in local branch meetings of the SP, the subject of elections came up. Next year there'll be local elections and our branch got permission from the national party to participate again, for the second time. Our branch currently has one member in the council (out of 37).

After considering the pros and cons I've decided to put myself up...

Posted 3rd October 2013 at 12:46 by Q Comments 9
Posted in Uncategorized
Has been some time since I did a reference post and this might come in handy

Originally Posted by Q View Post
I made a simple overview to give my view on the question:

A little explanation is in order:

I made two axis: And economic and political one. The 'dictatorship of the proletariat' simply can't be understood as a mode of production. It expresses a political hegemony. Today with the same token we live in
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shouldn't kompas give...
Posted 11th June 2014 at 15:00 by bad ideas actualised by alcohol bad ideas actualised by alcohol is offline
Great blog, comrade!...
Posted 30th May 2014 at 03:31 by Die Neue Zeit Die Neue Zeit is offline
Originally Posted by Die Neue Zeit
Ah, so you're using
Posted 20th April 2014 at 00:57 by Q Q is offline
Ah, so you're using...
Posted 20th April 2014 at 00:54 by Die Neue Zeit Die Neue Zeit is offline
Originally Posted by Die Neue Zeit
Comrade, that would
Posted 20th April 2014 at 00:34 by Q Q is offline

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