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  1. Rafiq
    25th January 2016 02:20
    Zizek is very important, any new orthodoxy must include the political application of Zizek's works. I do not hide totally being a disciple of Zizek - his critique of ideology (i.e. in contemporary society) I cannot stress enough is necessary to understand where we are today and where we are going.
  2. Rafiq
    25th January 2016 01:04
    Well there are many individuals, but they are not so popular here. Mike Macnair, thinkers at the CPGB (not ML), the writers at Platypus, Charnell House, and so on. There are some people who recognize our problem. Even soft Leftists like Varoufakis, Paul Mason, the Corbyn phenomena, represent a new kind of Left political discourse. There is a lot worth criticizing in the latter - but what this 'momentum' represents is a new Leftist politics/discourse to engage in the first place. It's where we ought to begin.
  3. Rafiq
    25th January 2016 01:01
    That is their class position. But this does not make their predicament, unwillingness to engage in class struggle an inevitability of "material conditions". The proletariat have no proletarian consciousness. Proletarian consciousness = consciousness of all social processes.
  4. Rafiq
    24th January 2016 23:35
    Social self-consciousness means being conscious of social/material processes and practically applying that knowledge. Otherwise it is a scholasticism that means nothing. Edit: But that there is no group doesn't mean there can't be one. Right now there are like minded individuals thinking in such terms.
  5. Rafiq
    24th January 2016 23:34
    There is no group. Finally, historical materialism is practical. Material conditions, are constituted only by human beings. The point of being conscious of material conditions is to traverse them, act upon them. We are not 'determined' by anything. The point is that the class interest of the proletriat is to abolish class, through consciousness of class. It is the class which is not a class.
  6. Rafiq
    24th January 2016 22:13
    Regarding Orthodox Marxism, it means that a new Marxist orthodoxy is necessary, as was done by the Second international (before its renege). An orthodoxy that can directly confront and challenge ruling political discourse, actually mean something in a political context, and so on. A Marxist orthodoxy that basically makes being a Marxist meaningful again in a concrete way. This doesn't mean Marxism becomes formalized, but that a consistent application of Marxism to assess concrete circumstances can be integrated with the prerogative towards movement building. As of now, to call oneself a Marxist doesn't really say much. Not so in the early 20th century.
  7. Rafiq
    24th January 2016 22:11
    I question their ability to constitute real political positions as they pertain to concrete circumstances. I do not think that such positions, which are purely abstract, hollow ones are prepared to deal with what is coming. We see organizations that talk about the necessity of taking a side, or abstaining from taking one, but who are they mobilizing, for example? We see calls to action or un-action that are made without any pretense to knowing how to do this. The notion that, for example, the class struggle is an external force, that our predicament is an inevitable one as a result of 'material conditions' and so on.
  8. Rafiq
    24th January 2016 21:15
    It is not so much the organizations but certain writers that inform my posts - and by certain writers I mean Bordiga (i.e. how he qualifies the Soviet Union). My criticism of Left-Communist organizations, and revolutionary strategy, even as it pertains to Bordiga is quite known, however. I try to avoid tendency-mongering in general, though.
  9. Aslan
    24th January 2016 16:43
    Cool looking window!

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