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Socialisme ou Barbarie is a jewel in the roughSocialisme ou Barbarie is a jewel in the roughSocialisme ou Barbarie is a jewel in the roughSocialisme ou Barbarie is a jewel in the rough

Socialisme ou Barbarie Socialisme ou Barbarie is online now

Anarcho-Revisionist Conspiracy

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  1. Brutus
    18th August 2014 16:26
    If you've got Facebook, I'd be happy to add you on there so we can discuss shit easier.
  2. Brutus
  3. Brutus
    18th August 2014 16:07

    Furthermore, the party could not substitute itself for the class, or organise secretly (a la Blanquism). The party- the grouping of the most advanced strata of the proletariat- would keep in touch with the proletariat as a whole, get involved with it's struggles and consistently espouse the view of the class-for-itself.

    I recommend The Lyons Theses by Bordiga, and the 21 Conditions for joining the Comintern. I'll get the links now.
  4. Brutus
    18th August 2014 16:06
    Okay, so Bordiga's view on the party was very much in line with the 21 conditions of the Comintern. The class party would be made up of individuals who agreed with the party programme, which would be, naturally, Marxist. Bordiga argued that since Marxism is an analysis of capitalism (with the DotP and communism being the conclusions drawn from this analysis) the programme would be invariant- as capitalism retains the same dynamics and laws, despite it's various superficial forms.

    Prior to the seizure of power, the party would serve as the representative organ of the proletariat, since class struggle is a political struggle. After bourgeois rule has been smashed, the soviets would act as the main organs of proletarian rule, with the party serving to guide and direct the soviets, not control them. Bordiga did not advocate the fusion of party and state, like what existed under Stalin.
  5. Brutus
    18th August 2014 15:36
    Happy to answer that. Give me 5 mins to eat my lunch and I'll get on it
  6. Brutus
    18th August 2014 01:20
    Good! And yh, get yourself a hell bottom avatar
  7. Brutus
    18th August 2014 00:15
    Haha it's rev left. Stop apologising!
  8. Brutus
    17th August 2014 17:34
    Makhno? U fuckin serious?
  9. Five Year Plan
    12th August 2014 00:36
    Five Year Plan
    We are currently discussing additional details of First-World Lepidanism if you care to join us. If our numbers continue to grow, we will be unstoppable.
  10. whatever singularity
    11th August 2014 15:49
    whatever singularity
    I'm a historian so I really like 'When Insurrections Die,' but 'Capitalism and Communism' is also good. They're good for fairly short and fairly simple texts. Hope you find them interesting if you get a chance to look at them.

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  • About Socialisme ou Barbarie
    I am a student currently in high school.
    The moon.
    Music, politics, economics, the arts.
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    I take insipiration from Communisation, Absurdism, Marxist-Humanism, the Black Panthers, the Situationists, and the Neo-Futurists.
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    Socialisme ou Barbarie
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    "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure." -Thomas Jefferson.

    "The Socialist Party is the only one that has made the full equality of women, their liberation from every form of dependence and oppression, an integral part of its program; not for reasons of propaganda, but from necessity. For there can be no liberation of mankind without social independence and equality of the sexes." -August Bebel.


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