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  1. Blake's Baby
    Today 18:56
    Blake's Baby
    The best way to get info on Bilan is to ask the ICC. They've published the most from the group, and regard themselves as its political heirs. Go to and put 'bilan' into the search box in the top right - that should give you a wealth of material by, and about, Bilan.
  2. The Red Star Rising
    Yesterday 22:32
    The Red Star Rising
    I got a distinctly view of what constituted as a great society to Armstrong. And it's kind of easy to support "only the fittest shall survive" when you yourself are capable of punching aircraft carrier sized mecha apart in one solid blow and casually ignore blades that cut like lightsabers. Reflective of how Social Darwinism is almost always supported by those who would be in a position to immediately climb to the top of the pyramid (or at least those who think they are), no?
  3. The Red Star Rising
    Yesterday 22:04
    The Red Star Rising
    I also find Armstrong very interesting. His views are abhorrent, but he has a great deal of Charisma.

    Most of the game you're fighting standard Mercenaryism. A worthy cause to be sure given the PMC's profiteering of the worst of mankind's activities. Or are even just looking to get paid for warring.

    But Armstrong, he at first is just your standard fat cat CEO and Corrupt politician, but when you literally and metaphorically peel away the layer of the Metal Gear Excelsus he reveals his true nature as a foaming at the mouth social darwinist who would make even Ayn Rand blush.

    I think that, though Kojima may not have intended this, this can be seen as showing the brutal, nasty core of social darwinism at the heart of capitalism. Taking the mantra of "the best man dies with the most stuff in his estate, all else is secondary" to it's logical conclusion of "only the best man deserves to live, let the world burn."
  4. The Red Star Rising
    Yesterday 21:27
    The Red Star Rising
    I really need to catch up on Series seven.
  5. The Red Star Rising
    Yesterday 21:02
    The Red Star Rising
    With or without the bow-tie?
  6. The Red Star Rising
    Yesterday 20:57
    The Red Star Rising
    Yeah, trust a bunch of assholes to ruin a perfectly good hat. :/
  7. The Red Star Rising
    Yesterday 20:49
    The Red Star Rising
    The Fedora was hijacked by a certain stereotype, a male, white, and *incredibly* smug athiest with odious anti-feminist viewpoints.

    Despite it's parodic intentions, this is surprisingly close to the truth.

    Needless to say they're a disgrace to the secularist community as a whole.
  8. The Red Star Rising
    Yesterday 20:13
    The Red Star Rising
    I'm largely apatheistic. Religion isn't something that particularly concerns me and unless you're using your beliefs to cause harm I largely don't care what your beliefs are regarding the supernatural. If I had to commit to a side I'd probably go with non-militant atheist.

    I'd never be caught dead with a Fedora though.
  9. The Red Star Rising
    Yesterday 18:59
    The Red Star Rising
    I suppose the correct term would be boy of science, but yes!
  10. Five Year Plan
    Yesterday 18:28
    Five Year Plan
    Just a word of advice: threat this process as one of discovering what your ideas actually are, rather than just looking for a label to slap onto an existing state of ideas. Dipping your toe into the large pond of revolutionary politics should be a challenging and often unsettling process in which you should be prepared to grow, at least if you hope to get anything from it. Be patient, think critically, ask questions, and study hard.

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  • About Paul Lafargue
    I am a student currently in high school.
    The moon.
    Music, politics, economics, the arts, comics (I guess).
    Political Statement
    Bow, wow, wow, fight the powa.
    Anti-Stalinist Bolsheviks for Rational Thinking
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    Paul Lafargue.
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    "The economic anarchy of capitalist society as it exists today is, in my opinion, the real source of the evil. We see before us a huge community of producers the members of which are unceasingly striving to deprive each other of the fruits of their collective labour...I am convinced there is only one way to eliminate these grave evils, namely through the establishment of a socialist economy, accompanied by an educational system which would be oriented toward social goals." -Albert Einstein.

    "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure." -Thomas Jefferson.


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