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Blake's Baby is a master of the leftBlake's Baby is a master of the leftBlake's Baby is a master of the leftBlake's Baby is a master of the leftBlake's Baby is a master of the leftBlake's Baby is a master of the leftBlake's Baby is a master of the leftBlake's Baby is a master of the leftBlake's Baby is a master of the leftBlake's Baby is a master of the leftBlake's Baby is a master of the left
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  1. Anti-Traditional
    17th March 2014 00:43
    You ever seen the film 'Reds'? What do you think of it?
  2. Anti-Traditional
    10th March 2014 14:10
    lol okay then. Much appreciated. Thought i'd better ask you rather than the ICC for reasons which im sure you understand.
  3. Anti-Traditional
    10th March 2014 08:30
    Any idea why the ICC and ICT are separate groups?
  4. Anti-Traditional
    9th March 2014 14:58
    It's quite disappointing, given that their definition of socialism is bang on, and they seem to be sincere revolutionaries. It seems that they are Leninists minus the two-stage theory. I cant believe that in over a century as existing as a party they haven't changed their position on this.
  5. Anti-Traditional
    9th March 2014 14:13
    Yeah your right about that. However as I said before if the audience has some working class people who are interested in politics and discontented about their current situation without neccessarily having wholly subscribed to either nationalism or socialism then perhaps they can be 'brought round'. I guess it depends on who turns up.
    Don't you think it would be useful to hear what particular arguments are used against nationalism? These arguments could be used by those who attend when discussing these questions in everyday life.
    After hearing the SPGB in Brum and the arguments they made in favour of 'teaching' socialism and electing socialist MP's I'm kind of coming round to the view that their approach to class consciousness and revolution is based on idealism more than anything else.
  6. Anti-Traditional
    9th March 2014 13:30
    What do you mean when you say clarification? For whom, and what is it that needs clarifying?
  7. Anti-Traditional
    9th March 2014 13:12
    I think it depends on who attends- if the audience is made up of open minded people then it could be productive. I think a lot of people who view themselves as working class and left-wing view the EU as anti-working class (understandable given the terms of the various 'bail-outs') and consequently are kinda sympathetic to UKIP, not knowing that UKIP are even more anti working class than the Tories. My dad for example used to be involved in the trade union movement and is still largely sympathetic but still is kinda sympathetic to UKIP (strange considering he still considers himself an Irish Republican lol). If these kinds of people attend then perhaps their illusions can be dispelled, however it might just be a case of hardcore SPGB'ers and UKIP'ers in the audience. I don't really agree with the people who shout 'no platform', as if the working class are dumb and easily duped.
  8. Anti-Traditional
    9th March 2014 01:54
    What is your opinion on the upcoming UKIP v SPGB debate?
  9. ArisVelouxiotis
    5th March 2014 13:23
    Oh ok.Thanks comrade.
  10. ArisVelouxiotis
    5th March 2014 11:32
    Oh sorry.I wanted to read the critique of the gotha programme and I thought it said part IV.Cause I haven't read it I thought it was in parts.My bad.I hope you understand

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