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G4b3n has a brilliant futureG4b3n has a brilliant futureG4b3n has a brilliant futureG4b3n has a brilliant futureG4b3n has a brilliant futureG4b3n has a brilliant futureG4b3n has a brilliant future

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  1. G4b3n
    25th June 2015 03:04
    Why thank you
  2. Sinister Intents
    25th June 2015 02:11
    Sinister Intents
    I like you
  3. G4b3n
    14th May 2015 12:35
    Well it certainly was the conversation I was looking to engage in. Look forward to seeing if you have more to say in the subject.
  4. Sinister Intents
    14th May 2015 04:57
    Sinister Intents
    I could've worded my reply better, I gotta go bed though, so I'll fix my maltyped stuffs and reply soon if I remember
  5. Sea
    10th April 2015 20:04
    (I really just came here to compliment your hilarious icon)
  6. Sea
    10th April 2015 20:03
    In that he also states his favorite occupation is "Glancing at Netchen" - his cousin. If you use that source to call Marx sexist, you should be obliged to call him incestuous as well.

    Or we could acknowledge that all such 'confessions' were tongue-in-cheek and not meant to be taken literally. From the page you linked:

    ""Confessions” were semi-jocular questionaires that were very popular in Victorian England, and filling them out a common passtime in many families, including Marx's, where friends and relatives particpated. A number of versions of Confessions belonging to Marx have been preserved."
  7. G4b3n
    31st March 2015 00:05
    So he can make Sexist remarks and not be a sexist?
    And don't give me that "man of his time" bullshit, because the same could be said for anyone.
  8. Ismail
    28th March 2015 11:40
    Except Marx was neither a racist nor a sexist, and in fact opposed racism and sexism. Cleaver meanwhile switched from viewing rape as a revolutionary tactic to becoming a member of the Republican Party.
  9. G4b3n
    19th March 2015 19:27
    There was a point in Cleaver's life at which he found the rape of white women justified on some sort of "insurrectionary" grounds. It is very important to make clear that these ideas were not and could never have been justified. The black power movement as a whole could also be criticized for actively arguing that it take more importance over women's liberation. The extent to which this was harmful and the details are debatable, but the criticism is valid. Does that mean the whole back power movement ought to be ignored?

    If you are going to dismiss all of Cleaver's political ideas and action on the grounds that he contributed to oppression and acted as an oppressor at various points in his life then you must also dismiss these thinkers as well:

    Marx for being a racist as well as a sexist
    Proudhon for being a sexist
    Bakunin for and racism and violent anti-semiticism

    And I have a feeling you hold some of these thinker's political ideas to be valid, if only just a few.
  10. Tim Cornelis
    19th March 2015 13:20
    Tim Cornelis
    Do you think it's appropriate to have a rape advocate's citation in your signature?

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    "The people have proved that they can run it... They (the pigs) can call it what they want to, they can talk about it. They can call it communism, and think that that's gonna scare somebody, but it ain't gonna scare nobody" ― Fred Hampton

    “Mao Zedong said that power grows from the barrel of a gun. He never said that power was a gun. This is why I don't need no gun to do my thing. What I need is some freedom and the power to determine my destiny” ― Huey P. Newton


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