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Le Socialiste can give Che Guevara a run for his moneyLe Socialiste can give Che Guevara a run for his moneyLe Socialiste can give Che Guevara a run for his moneyLe Socialiste can give Che Guevara a run for his moneyLe Socialiste can give Che Guevara a run for his moneyLe Socialiste can give Che Guevara a run for his moneyLe Socialiste can give Che Guevara a run for his moneyLe Socialiste can give Che Guevara a run for his moneyLe Socialiste can give Che Guevara a run for his moneyLe Socialiste can give Che Guevara a run for his moneyLe Socialiste can give Che Guevara a run for his money
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  1. Yet_Another_Boring_Marxist
    Okdoki I'll stay logged in on aim for ya
  2. Yet_Another_Boring_Marxist
    heyyy im on aim now
  3. Mr. Mojo Risin'
    9th April 2014 09:15
    Mr. Mojo Risin'
    Post more or I'll cry and send you my tears in a vial
  4. Yet_Another_Boring_Marxist
    8th April 2014 20:14
    Yea I get that feeling, the house just feels that much emptier when everyone is gone and she isn't there in the background making noises, and god that feeling when you go back home for the first time in forever and you go look for your dog to say hi and pet her a bit but no matter how hard you look she isn't there
  5. Yet_Another_Boring_Marxist
    8th April 2014 04:47
    I am so sorry to hear about your doggy
  6. Sinister Intents
    4th March 2014 00:11
    Sinister Intents
    No problem comrade, and here: on page 7
  7. Sinister Intents
    4th March 2014 00:05
    Sinister Intents
  8. Yet_Another_Boring_Marxist
    5th February 2014 21:05
    Oh whats your thesis?

    I'm back at college enjoying college life, its good to be back home. Anything political going on with you? I've put a decent amount of thought into it and I think that I should probably join an org of some sort, you have any ISO contacts in NJ or NYC?

    oh and also, the chat group kinda fell apart when welshy was bullying remus a bit so we are trying to make a new with without him or the other problematic people, and remus agreed to help me enforce the intial rules that were neglected. we miss you and we'd love to have you back <3
  9. Yet_Another_Boring_Marxist
    3rd February 2014 02:54
    what's up?
  10. Remus Bleys
    26th January 2014 14:52
    Remus Bleys
    nvm after an hour i have fixed it

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  • About Le Socialiste
    Writer and student.
    Art, literature, music, writing, and politics/economics.
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    The movement for socialist, emancipatory action stands at a time of redevelopment and understanding. The capitalistic-minded politics of the 19th and 20th centuries have been proven to be subservient to Capital and its holders. Socialists, of every ideological stripe, must recognize the need for a concerted, united drive towards the fostering and development of a mass workers' and peoples' movement; a movement that recognizes the necessity for democracy and all its manifestations within the socialistic mindset. Through workers' and peoples' movements, resistance, and solidarity, socialists can begin the movement anew, founded on the unified voice of the working-class.

    All power to the Proletariat, and the Proletariatís Revolution!
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    "Socialist ideas become significant only to the extent that they become rooted in the working class."

    "If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom and yet deprecate agitation are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. . .Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will."
    International Socialist Review
    Marxists Internet Archive


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Latest Blog Entry

Posted 7th January 2014 at 06:57 by Le Socialiste Comments 0
This blog post had originally been a response to another user in this thread. The post I responded to is included below. Here I attempt to address, with a bit of help from Paul Le Blanc's Lenin and the Revolutionary Party, the common distortion of Leninist theory surrounding the question of working-class activity and trade union consciousness. It is not meant to be a comprehensive study, not by any means (in fact it's quite short). There already exist a number of excellent contributions to this...

Posted 6th May 2013 at 02:06 by Le Socialiste Comments 1
This is a response I made to a thread/post about the question of socialist organization and the role of Leninism. I was writing in response to an article from the Socialist Standard, the entirety of which can be found here.

I wanted to respond with my own rejection of what the authors of this article outlined regarding Lenin and the revolutionary party, but my response ended being much longer than I anticipated.


Posted 12th February 2013 at 23:40 by Le Socialiste Comments 11
Hey all,

So I've been considering a name change on here for some while now, but I'm being indecisive about it. What do folks think? Should I change my username? Should I keep it? Do you even care?

Hope someone chimes in, it'll be really sad if no one does.

Posted 11th January 2013 at 02:57 by Le Socialiste Comments 0
This is the beginning of what will hopefully be a multi-entry series on the social and class composition of fascism, its role and function within capitalism, and how to fight it.

A consensus has emerged amongst historians, scholars, and politicians regarding the historical rise of fascism, dating for our purposes from the November Revolution of 1918 to the collapse of the Third Reich on 8 May, 1945. This common interpretation of events has...

Posted 29th July 2012 at 07:43 by Le Socialiste Comments 0
Posted in Uncategorized
Tacit support for any one candidate amongst the left indicates, above all, a critical misevaluation of the balance of forces in Washington and the role of the left in such periods. Such support reflects on the reckless individualism displayed by such persons, who are either blind or intentionally ignorant to the systemic roots of the issue, buying into the misperception that itís the officials themselves who dictate the ins and outs of policy - not the immediate short-termism so prevalent in financial...
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Your name is fine. I...
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