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  1. TheCultofAbeLincoln
    Today 00:21
    I'm not much of a revolutionary socialist. I'd say I'm a left democrat who thinks voting is a worthy cause to protect peoples rights (ie freedom from discrimination, outlawing abortion, etc), for example. I'm a member of the Democrats and Democratic Socialists of America.

    That said, I do think that western military intervention isn't always a bad thing, such as in Bosnia or Kosovo, and support its use in limited amounts (not for regime change, generally speaking).

    I do greatly appreciate the compliments. I try not to be disagreeable outside of political disagreements.
  2. Zoop
    Today 00:18
    I actually subscribe to a lot of Marxist ideas. I think Marxist economics is insightful and extremely informative. I also think historical materialism, as well as dialectical materialism actually, is essentially correct. The Marxist conception of history I think is fairly self-evident and obvious. I agree that the mode of production is the chief determining force in history, and this in turn influences the 'superstructure'. The basic principles of dialectical materialism also, seem rather self-evident. I would say that h/d materialism is much more complicated than how it is usually portrayed, but I'm sure many Marxists would agree with me on that too. My main disagreement is regarding the political aspects of Marxism - more specifically the transitional period, and the authoritarian underpinnings of it. However, there are many Libertarian Marxists who argue that Marx never intended it to be authoritarian and centralised, but rather libertarian.
  3. The Garbage Disposal Unit
    6th February 2016 06:29
    The Garbage Disposal Unit
    Enh. No accounting for taste I suppose.

    Anyway, thanks for kicking off some interesting threads.
  4. Guardia Rossa
    4th February 2016 17:15
    Guardia Rossa
    Well, I was ever somewhat anti-stalinist because in Brazil, Stalin is almost a synonymous of "Genocide". But I was indeed a Titoist (Or, more correctly, a Pro-Tito "Democratic Socialist", a pinko in red).

    What really put me against Stalinism and all Marxist-Leninist ideologies was simultaneously my reading of Marx and after I heard of Bordiga's analysis of the Soviet Union. The anti-statist ideology of Marxism is incompatible with Stalinism, which is the Ideology of the State-Capitalist bureaucracy.

    I do not know, however, if Stalinism in other parts of the world are so reactionary as in Brazil, but it is clear to me, as an outsider of the movement that there are Neo-Strasserists everywhere in there. Religious people, nationalists, homophobes, outright fascist scum advocating killing "All the bourgeois, the Jews, the hippies and homos", etc...
  5. Guardia Rossa
    1st February 2016 23:05
    Guardia Rossa
    Well, you had gone full anarchist, and now your tendency is Freudo-Marxism again.

    And I'm answering the "comrade" down below, who thinks that because some bourgeois idiots says something is pseudo-scientific and he can't understand it, that it must be pseudo-scientific (Like Dia-Mat or His-Mat, totally pseudo-scientific tools)
  6. Guardia Rossa
    1st February 2016 22:02
    Guardia Rossa
    So, you're back? I have been offline for a while, I was in an occupied factory with some trotskyst workers and a new trotskyst party in Brazil.

    Also, Psychoanalysis is as materialist and scientific as a theory can be, if you aren't an idealist.
  7. The Garbage Disposal Unit
    29th January 2016 15:56
    The Garbage Disposal Unit
    But really, havre you listened to that Worriers album yet?
  8. Бай Ганьо
    24th January 2016 19:53
    Бай Ганьо
    My reason is quite simple and lacking originality: I reject all forms of authority that are unjustified. Which brings me to your next question: "And why are you against psychoanalysis?" For the same reasons I reject mythology, astrology, God, etc.: it is unscientific. (I’m not talking about its possible effectiveness as a treatment for disorders, but about its pretence to truth.)
  9. Aslan
    24th January 2016 16:40
    So, are you done thinking about it?
  10. Guardia Rossa
    23rd January 2016 21:29
    Guardia Rossa

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