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ckaihatsu is hyper-awesomeckaihatsu is hyper-awesomeckaihatsu is hyper-awesomeckaihatsu is hyper-awesomeckaihatsu is hyper-awesomeckaihatsu is hyper-awesomeckaihatsu is hyper-awesomeckaihatsu is hyper-awesomeckaihatsu is hyper-awesomeckaihatsu is hyper-awesomeckaihatsu is hyper-awesome
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Marxist - vanguardist

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  1. Mistress Sinistra
    16th October 2014 02:30
    Mistress Sinistra
    In the compliment the above user tgread, you should compliment someone so I can compliment you!
  2. ckaihatsu
    8th October 2014 16:02
    Around here I am...(!)

    Yes, my education is in education, and I had an abortive career in the same.
  3. Mistress Sinistra
    8th October 2014 15:53
    Mistress Sinistra
    Are you a teacher?
  4. ckaihatsu
    18th September 2014 17:20

    (What did people do *before* the Internet -- ? Probably all went stir crazy and stark raving mad -- I can't see how it could have been anything *else*...!) (grin)

    Regarding Karl Marx, I'm not much of a scholar -- mostly I acknowledge the man's foundational contribution to our understanding of political economy, and for the class struggle.
  5. Mistress Sinistra
    18th September 2014 03:00
    Mistress Sinistra
    Karl*** Karl Marx

    That's pretty cool! I searched your name, some interesting stuff came up
  6. ckaihatsu
    18th September 2014 02:58
    Karla -- ?

    Never met her.

    Yeah, my last name is Japanese in origin.
  7. Mistress Sinistra
    18th September 2014 00:53
    Mistress Sinistra
    What is Kaihatsu? Japanese?
  8. Mistress Sinistra
    18th September 2014 00:41
    Mistress Sinistra
    Who was Karla Marx to you?
  9. ckaihatsu
    2nd September 2014 20:26

    Hey, it's not even at the pace of a phone conversation -- take your time, post when you can.
  10. Mistress Sinistra
    2nd September 2014 20:09
    Mistress Sinistra
    I'd be presenting better discussion if I wasn't miserably busy now lol

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  • About ckaihatsu
    Chicago, IL
    Political Statement
    [1] The sun shines down at just the right intensity -- neither too little or too much -- to force an intricate interplay of organic materials animated by the sun's energy. The living processes build up to higher levels of nestedness, interdependence, and complexity. The abundance of available food and source materials -- varying depending on location and era -- allows each organism ample time outside of securing necessities to become increasingly aware and conscious of greater depths of complexity in the external (and internal) world(s). Greater consciousness yields greater abilities and at some point humanity began to procure more food than it could consume in realtime. This development gave rise to a separation of roles in society whereby some could spend more time increasing their awareness while others worked to produce the food for all of society. Those relieved of having to work rationalized themselves as somehow different and better than all other people, and explained their privilege by inventing fictional supernatural beings, or a single supernatural being, who conveniently backed up their reasoning. They consolidated their privileged social position with the use of violent physical force, which the fictional supernatural beings or being said was okay. Meanwhile the rest of humanity has either been working or trying to enjoy their more-or-less similar physical existence as everyone else. Much time and effort, though, is unrecoverably lost due to the existence of those in privileged positions.

    [2] I am personally *not* in a privileged position.

    [3] Therefore it is in my own best personal interest to co-produce a social world that is relieved of the class division.

    [4] Therefore I am a Marxist and active at



    The Soul of Man under Socialism by Oscar Wilde


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