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by Kamos
14th October 2011 16:42
So here I am, at Left Communism. Let's see if I get this...
Alright, so I've pretty left the Marxist-Leninist camp pretty much over the last few months. Though...
16th October 2011 00:02
by Paulappaul Go to last post
by CynicalIdealist
1st October 2011 10:50
What do left-coms do?
Topic. I've asked this on revleft but I want to hear straight from the horse's mouth. And what...
1st October 2011 18:45
by SHORAS Go to last post
by Martin Blank
12th August 2011 07:00
Hammer and Sickle
I've been trying to research more about the Communist Workers' International and its constituent...
14th August 2011 21:46
by Jock Go to last post
by Paulappaul
29th July 2011 07:29
Helmut Wagner
I was browsing Marxist Internet Archive when I saw this for the Communist Helmut Wagner, whom I had...
24th August 2011 14:48
by Android Go to last post
by Martin Blank
18th July 2011 23:19
Would modern-day adherents to Myasnikov's politics (and those of the Workers' Group) be considered...
21st September 2011 04:28
by Paulappaul Go to last post
by Ilyich
14th July 2011 23:49
Luxemburgism Vs. Bordigism Vs. Council Communism
What are the theoretical (not historical) differences between these tendencies and could they all...
16th July 2011 07:37
by Paulappaul Go to last post
by Devrim
8th July 2011 00:22
I have left the ICC (Devrim)
Just as a point of information, I am no longer a member of the ICC. I don’t intend to comment on...
5th October 2011 12:05
by Devrim Go to last post
by Blake's Baby
2nd June 2011 13:50
Symapthisers of Left Communism or sympathisers of an organisation?
I realise that there are people who identify themselves as sympathisers of the ICC or the ICT, and...
11th January 2012 14:59
by Android Go to last post
by Paulappaul
18th May 2011 03:41
Essential Left Communist Texts?
I've been printing alot of random Left Communist texts in my area, and now I am thinking of making...
9th June 2012 20:56
by Paulappaul Go to last post
by Monkey Riding Dragon
19th April 2011 17:05
What Are Some LC Views on Peace w/ Germany vs. Class War With Germany?
Hi again. Just looking for what the views of left wing communists are on the historical subject...
13th May 2011 22:04
by Jock Go to last post
by cowslayer
16th April 2011 08:38
How to join the ICC and other questions?
I am very interested in the ICC but I still do not really understand their organization %100. If...
7th May 2011 14:53
by Jock Go to last post
22nd March 2011 18:40
Swiss Communist Party? (Jakob Herzog)
Anyone know where I can get more information on the early Swiss Communist Party, either in english...
29th March 2011 01:21
by Paulappaul Go to last post
by Paulappaul
22nd February 2011 02:21
Questions on Left Communism
1. The difference between Left Communist (I’ve heard there is supposedly differences also in upper...
28th February 2011 21:45
by Jock Go to last post
by Red Dreadnought
20th February 2011 10:27
What do you know/think about Controverses (Forum Gauche Comuniste Internationaliste)
21st February 2011 22:59
by Alf Go to last post
by MilitantWorker
23rd January 2011 14:40
Struggle in Tunisia?
Anyone have any first hand knowledge or info about what's going on there? Anything I can do...
28th January 2011 15:06
by MilitantWorker Go to last post
17th January 2011 04:28
The Bosch-Bukharin-Pyatakov Theses on the Right of Nations to Self-Determination
1. The imperialist epoch is a period of the absorption of small states by large states and of a...
14th February 2011 09:24
by 9 Go to last post
by Zanthorus
17th November 2010 16:24
The ICT's differences with the ICC
I PM'd the user Jock to elaborate what differences the ICT has from the ICC apart from on the...
13th July 2011 16:43
by consider the ant Go to last post
by Marion
10th November 2010 21:03
Apologies if this has already posted - have been having difficulties posting! Am trying to get...
13th May 2011 21:58
by Jock Go to last post
by bricolage
2nd November 2010 20:29
What defines a union?
I understand the critical position taken towards trade unions however I have heard some groups that...
23rd November 2010 18:23
by Jock Go to last post
by internasyonalista
19th October 2010 00:40
Balance shift in world economy?
Mr. Satur Ocampo, one of the “legal” leaders of the Philippine maoist movement wrote an article...
19th October 2010 00:40
by internasyonalista Go to last post
by Widerstand
4th October 2010 14:39
Hello Left Comms, I have a few questions
Being devoid of any literature on Left Communism, let alone knowledge of what such literature would...
15th October 2010 13:13
by Ruskie at Heart Go to last post
by Zanthorus
21st September 2010 21:06
'nother couple o' questions: Damen and Organisational work
My first question is basically why Onorato Damen is not better known, or his works more translated....
28th August 2011 03:47
by Android Go to last post
by Reznov
18th September 2010 00:40
School Subjects
So, I was talking to my friend recently and we talked about how he hates Math and doesn't even...
18th September 2010 21:06
by Alf Go to last post
by Zanthorus
17th September 2010 21:43
International Communist Party/ies
I am sort of interested in the various Bordigist sects and how they actually function, their...
16th October 2010 23:49
by devoration1 Go to last post
by devoration1
22nd August 2010 00:31
American Worker's Councils
A topic that is mostly forgotten or unknown to communist militants and leftists in general is that...
24th August 2010 18:11
by Alf Go to last post
by Lyev
18th August 2010 19:34
Left-Communist views on national liberation
What the title says really. What solutions do left-coms posit for situations such as China or...
28th August 2010 19:03
by HEAD ICE Go to last post
by Monkey Riding Dragon
14th August 2010 14:01
Is This Theory Compatible With Left Communism?
Over this last summer, my political outlook has been in flux, especially behind the scenes. Slowly...
12th September 2010 17:29
by Palingenisis Go to last post
by bricolage
11th August 2010 22:26
Form versus Content
The anarchist fixation on purely economic forms also betrays the tendency to discount the need for...
4th September 2010 14:13
by devoration1 Go to last post
by Monkey Riding Dragon
26th July 2010 16:23
Democratic Centralism
Okay, this is one of the topics where I think we can have a productive discussion. (See my intro.)...
31st July 2010 19:13
by MilitantWorker Go to last post
by Monkey Riding Dragon
26th July 2010 15:27
Is it permissible for me to join this forum?
I'll preface this by saying straight up that I am not distinctly a leftist communist. However, in...
28th July 2010 23:58
by soyonstout Go to last post

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