The Materialist Atheist Rationalist "Extremists" (or MARXs)

A group for people who believe that the world is purely material and can be understood through the use of evidence in addition to rational thought. Similar to the anti-theist group, but goes beyond the criticism of religion. This is a group for people who think the problem with religion lies at its core and that the authoritarian instituitions of religion are a result of it's faith based core. These are the principles of being a MARX.

1. The rejection of: all belief in the supernatural (magical), relativism (the idea that there is no objective truth), idealism (belief in the power of thought to directly effect the world outside one's self, without the need for action) and the notion that 'faith' is a virtue.

2. The favouring of: the scientific method (and similar methods which use evidence rather than guesswork) as the most accurate way to learn about the world in order to change it.

3. The belief that it is good to be outspoken and criticise ideas which do not make rational sense (rather than keeping one's opinions to oneself) and that such behaviour is not intolerant. In order to be intolerant one must use force or threaten to use force in order to make someone claim adherence to a position. Making rational arguments is not intolerance.

Note: I threw in the word 'extremists' in quotation marks, mostly because I thought it would be cool for the acronym to be Marx. That does not mean I worship Marx, he is just somebody I respect because he used reason and evidence to reach his conclusions.

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