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Social Group

The revleft CCCP

Group Maintained by Communist Theory

This group is here to discuss and debate on the actions of the CCCP and its leaders and Stalin especially Stalin.

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by Brother No. 1
17th January 2009 18:22
CCCP who ruined it
Comrades in this discution i want to hear from you who ruined the Soviet union in your eyes and...
4th January 2015 17:34
by loverussia24 Go to last post
by marxistcritic
10th May 2009 07:31
I want everybodys opinion on Krushnev.
6th November 2014 15:57
by loverussia24 Go to last post
by Brother No. 1
14th February 2009 15:16
Discussion on Stalin.
ok comrades this is where you can disusss about Stalin and his actions in the CCCP. Also dont agrue...
6th December 2013 20:17
by servusmoderni Go to last post
by Matina
3rd April 2009 03:56
Favorite Soviet Songs?
Well I can start. 1) White army, black baron 2)Katyusha 3)Kalinka (played by Red Army Choir, so...
2nd December 2013 10:09
by Salabra Go to last post
by Brother No. 1
8th May 2009 05:07
The march of the Russian tankmen
The famous Soviet-tankmen song.
3rd September 2013 09:32
by Stalinist Speaker Go to last post
by Brother No. 1
3rd January 2009 05:36
comrades the CCCP had many leaders over the years some great and some not so Great so tell me Who...
3rd September 2013 09:29
by Stalinist Speaker Go to last post
by kasama-rl
28th February 2013 20:22
Intro: Mike Ely
Hi. I'm a long time student of Soviet history, and the work of Comrade Stalin. I'm looking...
28th February 2013 20:22
by kasama-rl Go to last post
by Bolshevik_Guerilla_1917
30th April 2012 13:03
Whats the difference in the ideologies of Trotsky/Stalin???
For some time I have been trying to evaluate the difference between the two, but its hard with all...
30th July 2012 21:20
by nihilust Go to last post
by Brother No. 1
16th May 2009 20:08
The Sacred War. The Sacred War song at its best sound.
15th November 2011 10:05
by Salabra Go to last post
by Brother No. 1
8th July 2009 05:49
What did you think the USSR was.
What do you think the USSR was and give a logical reason on why it was.
1st November 2011 05:53
by mrmikhail Go to last post
by AmericanCommie421
16th June 2011 07:29
The Great Purge
What are peoples thoughts here on the great purge, from about 1936-1938?
1st November 2011 05:45
by mrmikhail Go to last post
by LOLseph Stalin
24th April 2009 05:22
The Red Army
I just realized that this group was still lacking an important aspect of Soviet Society: The Red...
13th April 2011 20:11
by Illuminati Go to last post
by Brother No. 1
7th March 2009 02:27
Communist party of Deviant art.
comrades I have created a new group,Communist party of Deviant art, and anyone who wants to join...
7th April 2011 16:31
by The Maoist Revolutionary Go to last post
by Communist Theory
29th June 2009 20:59
The KGB.
Let's discuss on the KGB. I'm sure Soldat will have plenty of input on this thread.
15th February 2010 00:44
by Uppercut Go to last post
by Communist Theory
15th May 2009 14:40
Войска специального назначения
Let's talk about our favourite special forces! I love their ballistic knife and their roll on the...
23rd November 2009 23:15
by Communist Theory Go to last post
by Communist Theory
8th July 2009 20:22
Change to a Moderated Group.
Since we have chosen to kick a member for his views. I've got to change our group to moderated...
30th October 2009 18:41
by Soldat Go to last post
by Brother No. 1
23rd April 2009 01:08
New Leader.
This is my last post as leader of the Revleft CCCP. We have had our good times nad bad times but I...
13th May 2009 23:57
by marxistcritic Go to last post

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