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by BoratOfPhilosophy
12th September 2014 00:53
Thoughts on Nick Land?
I thought maybe this group might be familiar with the ideas and works of modern Philosopher Nick...
12th September 2014 00:53
by BoratOfPhilosophy Go to last post
by Ẋʼn
13th December 2013 04:06
Anarcho-Transhuman - A journal of radical possibility and striving Thought I would share this,...
13th December 2013 04:06
by Ẋʼn Go to last post
by Red October
29th July 2008 00:12
Arguments for Anthropocentrism
What are some good arguments for anthropocentrism for use against animal liberation folks? I've...
18th March 2013 18:46
by Anglo-Saxon Philistine Go to last post
by Ostrinski
31st August 2012 20:24
Introductory reading to the politics of this group?
2nd September 2012 19:42
by Ẋʼn Go to last post
by Shinigami
23rd July 2010 07:38
Why do so many leftists seem opposed to technocracy?
I've looked through the threads by Wolf Larson and Dr Mindbender and a couple of threads on Libcom...
19th November 2011 17:24
by Ẋʼn Go to last post
by BootOnFace
1st October 2011 11:30
Determining Demand in a Technocracy
The title says it all. How would we determine demand in a Technocracy? Surveys? Some kind of price...
13th November 2011 10:10
by BootOnFace Go to last post
by Gears
18th March 2011 21:46
Opposition to Biocentrism?
So if this group is opposed to Biocentrism and supports Anthropocentrism, doesn't that just make...
20th March 2011 00:12
by Dr Mindbender Go to last post
by Rve Rouge
11th December 2010 00:21
Technocracy Inc. vs. EOS
So I've doing a little research on technocracy. As far as I know, the two more widely known...
16th December 2010 08:53
by Ẋʼn Go to last post
by x371322
19th June 2010 02:49
Books on technocracy?
I've been wanting to delve a little deeper into technocracy. Anyone care to recommend a few decent...
30th November 2010 21:23
by Acostak3 Go to last post
by Sentinel
28th January 2008 21:19
As this group consists of both CC members and regular members, I thought the HPG forum could have...
29th November 2010 23:44
by Acostak3 Go to last post
by Manoir de mes reves
3rd November 2010 19:26
Question about Technocracy and Death
Hey folks, so I'm obviously not a Technocrat but my super-admin powers give me futuristic access to...
20th November 2010 16:17
by Skinz Go to last post
by Technocrat
29th May 2010 21:11
Technocracy Summary
I thought I would post this as an introduction for those unfamiliar with Technocracy. What is...
18th November 2010 11:06
by The Vegan Marxist Go to last post
by The Vegan Marxist
18th November 2010 10:46
Books to Study
As both a Technocrat and a Marxist-Leninist, I always seem to be finding myself reading as much as...
18th November 2010 10:52
by The Vegan Marxist Go to last post
by NikitaUtiu
17th August 2010 18:20
Oppinions on Wikipedia
I personally like this site, and I sometimes contribute to it. The whole wiki system Wikipedia...
30th August 2010 22:35
by Ẋʼn Go to last post
by Technocrat
26th June 2009 00:29
Atheism necessary to be a HP?
I don't think a person necessarily should have to be atheist in order to be a human progressive. So...
17th August 2010 18:12
by NikitaUtiu Go to last post
by NikitaUtiu
6th July 2010 08:29
Meritocratic advancement system
Advancement in technocracy is based on a meritocratic value of the individual and I want your ideas...
15th August 2010 01:26
by Technocrat Go to last post
by x371322
10th August 2010 20:02
Any good movies?
What's some of your favorite sci fi/futuristic/technological/etc. movies? Here are a few of my...
12th August 2010 06:31
by Technocrat Go to last post
by Technocrat
10th July 2010 21:47
European vs American Technocracy
The more I read about the European system, the less I find to disagree with. I think my main...
4th August 2010 15:29
by Ẋʼn Go to last post
by Technocrat
10th July 2010 04:03
Idiots hijacking every thread on Technocracy
Even the one I just made on megastructures is being hijacked by anti-technocracy trolls. It's...
27th July 2010 13:48
by Ẋʼn Go to last post
by pranabjyoti
12th October 2009 17:35
My proposal for advancement of science and technology in a socialist country
At present it is a very rude fact that the capitalist-imperialist countries are ahead of countries,...
5th July 2010 15:13
by NikitaUtiu Go to last post
by Module
8th May 2008 13:12
The end of gender?
I recently read an article in a BBC science magazine that in the next 250 years, the Y chromosome...
30th June 2010 13:18
by Queercommie Girl Go to last post
by Yazman
21st January 2009 19:32
Hey there comrades, there is a very worrying trend that I have noticed in recent years in Australia...
4th June 2010 01:59
by Dr Mindbender Go to last post
by bailey_187
31st January 2010 18:12
Human Progress reading
Maybe this group could creating a reading list of books for each of our principles?: 1-...
2nd June 2010 18:57
by Mendax Go to last post
by piet11111
26th February 2009 15:30
H+ magazine
seems there is an H+ online magazine so i thought i would share ...
30th May 2010 04:50
by NGNM85 Go to last post
by butterfly
14th January 2009 05:58
Environmentalism and Technogaianism
Do they exclude each other? Or do you see the concepts coming together at some point in the future?
30th May 2010 04:34
by NGNM85 Go to last post
by x371322
27th April 2010 04:21
Hey guys, new here. I'm not really a technocrat... well, I don't really know enough about it to...
10th May 2010 09:18
by Invincible Summer Go to last post
by Invincible Summer
8th April 2010 09:14
A.c.t. ?
I posted this in here to avoid the likes of Red Dave and Wolf Larson. I noticed that many of the...
17th April 2010 12:54
by Ẋʼn Go to last post
by Lenina Rosenweg
10th April 2010 18:49
Transhumanism in the history of socialism
My very first post on revleft! I have a few questions/observations about Transhumanism and the...
17th April 2010 12:51
by Ẋʼn Go to last post
by Technocrat
31st March 2010 03:04
A little solidarity, comrades
I started a thread on Technocracy and Communism in the Learning forum for anyone who has questions...
6th April 2010 14:59
by Ẋʼn Go to last post
by Julien Holcroft
16th September 2009 13:06
Hinderence of Human Progress
I realize I am still just "hey who's that new guy?", but as I was doing some research online a...
31st March 2010 03:55
by Technocrat Go to last post

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