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Moderated Social Group

Human Progress Group

Group Maintained by Ẋʼn

A discussion group for all progressive comrades on RevLeft, who firmly take the anthropocentric position against capitalism/the price system, religious superstition, bioconservatism in any of it's forms, neo-luddism, primitivism and any other attempts/tendencies to halt or regress development.

We are leftists of the variety that always puts the well being, pleasure and freedom of the human being in the center in a rational, socialistic, anthropocentric fashion and shuns technophobia as madness -- whether we otherwise identify as anarchists, marxists, or technocrats. A wish to combat reactionary forms of bioconservative or 'green' influence within the left is a uniting trait for the group.

We are a group of comrades who recognise human progress, material abundance and technological development, but also a society consisting of individuals with a healthy and rational mindset as essential requirements for the building of a truly equal, classless society. This means that group members are to be atheists, support the advancement of atheism and secularism, as well as oppose the influence of religion in society.

The group is not by any means meant to be exclusively for transhumanists, but for all leftists whose goal is the total liberation of mankind from both material, biological and moralistic limitations. In other words, for all those who realise that all the of the 'old crap' must go, if mankind is to reach it's full potential!

To summarise, to be eligible for membership in this group, you have to:

- Recognise the existence of anthropocentrism and biocentrism as two opposed paradigms, support and promote anthropocentrism and oppose biocentrism

- Support and advocate increased scientific research and technological progress, oppose any attempts to hinder/regress these

- Advocate a secular society and the promotion of atheism, oppose organised religion and defend the right of every child to a secular education

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I found this to be an even more appealing design for the concept of Technocratic-Communism. The red of course being that of Communism and the gray of...
From The Vegan Marxist
From Knight of Cydonia
From Ẋʼn

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by BoratOfPhilosophy
12th September 2014 00:53
Thoughts on Nick Land?
I thought maybe this group might be familiar with the ideas and works of modern Philosopher Nick...
12th September 2014 00:53
by BoratOfPhilosophy Go to last post
by Ẋʼn
13th December 2013 04:06
Anarcho-Transhuman - A journal of radical possibility and striving Thought I would share this,...
13th December 2013 04:06
by Ẋʼn Go to last post
by Red October
29th July 2008 00:12
Arguments for Anthropocentrism
What are some good arguments for anthropocentrism for use against animal liberation folks? I've...
18th March 2013 18:46
by Anglo-Saxon Philistine Go to last post
by Ostrinski
31st August 2012 20:24
Introductory reading to the politics of this group?
2nd September 2012 19:42
by Ẋʼn Go to last post
by Shinigami
23rd July 2010 07:38
Why do so many leftists seem opposed to technocracy?
I've looked through the threads by Wolf Larson and Dr Mindbender and a couple of threads on Libcom...
19th November 2011 17:24
by Ẋʼn Go to last post
by BootOnFace
1st October 2011 11:30
Determining Demand in a Technocracy
The title says it all. How would we determine demand in a Technocracy? Surveys? Some kind of price...
13th November 2011 10:10
by BootOnFace Go to last post
by Gears
18th March 2011 21:46
Opposition to Biocentrism?
So if this group is opposed to Biocentrism and supports Anthropocentrism, doesn't that just make...
20th March 2011 00:12
by Dr Mindbender Go to last post
by Rve Rouge
11th December 2010 00:21
Technocracy Inc. vs. EOS
So I've doing a little research on technocracy. As far as I know, the two more widely known...
16th December 2010 08:53
by Ẋʼn Go to last post
by x371322
19th June 2010 02:49
Books on technocracy?
I've been wanting to delve a little deeper into technocracy. Anyone care to recommend a few decent...
30th November 2010 21:23
by Acostak3 Go to last post
by Sentinel
28th January 2008 21:19
As this group consists of both CC members and regular members, I thought the HPG forum could have...
29th November 2010 23:44
by Acostak3 Go to last post
by Manoir de mes reves
3rd November 2010 19:26
Question about Technocracy and Death
Hey folks, so I'm obviously not a Technocrat but my super-admin powers give me futuristic access to...
20th November 2010 16:17
by Skinz Go to last post
by Technocrat
29th May 2010 21:11
Technocracy Summary
I thought I would post this as an introduction for those unfamiliar with Technocracy. What is...
18th November 2010 11:06
by The Vegan Marxist Go to last post
by The Vegan Marxist
18th November 2010 10:46
Books to Study
As both a Technocrat and a Marxist-Leninist, I always seem to be finding myself reading as much as...
18th November 2010 10:52
by The Vegan Marxist Go to last post
by NikitaUtiu
17th August 2010 18:20
Oppinions on Wikipedia
I personally like this site, and I sometimes contribute to it. The whole wiki system Wikipedia...
30th August 2010 22:35
by Ẋʼn Go to last post
by Technocrat
26th June 2009 00:29
Atheism necessary to be a HP?
I don't think a person necessarily should have to be atheist in order to be a human progressive. So...
17th August 2010 18:12
by NikitaUtiu Go to last post
by NikitaUtiu
6th July 2010 08:29
Meritocratic advancement system
Advancement in technocracy is based on a meritocratic value of the individual and I want your ideas...
15th August 2010 01:26
by Technocrat Go to last post
by x371322
10th August 2010 20:02
Any good movies?
What's some of your favorite sci fi/futuristic/technological/etc. movies? Here are a few of my...
12th August 2010 06:31
by Technocrat Go to last post
by Technocrat
10th July 2010 21:47
European vs American Technocracy
The more I read about the European system, the less I find to disagree with. I think my main...
4th August 2010 15:29
by Ẋʼn Go to last post
by Technocrat
10th July 2010 04:03
Idiots hijacking every thread on Technocracy
Even the one I just made on megastructures is being hijacked by anti-technocracy trolls. It's...
27th July 2010 13:48
by Ẋʼn Go to last post
by pranabjyoti
12th October 2009 17:35
My proposal for advancement of science and technology in a socialist country
At present it is a very rude fact that the capitalist-imperialist countries are ahead of countries,...
5th July 2010 15:13
by NikitaUtiu Go to last post
by Module
8th May 2008 13:12
The end of gender?
I recently read an article in a BBC science magazine that in the next 250 years, the Y chromosome...
30th June 2010 13:18
by Queercommie Girl Go to last post
by Yazman
21st January 2009 19:32
Hey there comrades, there is a very worrying trend that I have noticed in recent years in Australia...
4th June 2010 01:59
by Dr Mindbender Go to last post
by bailey_187
31st January 2010 18:12
Human Progress reading
Maybe this group could creating a reading list of books for each of our principles?: 1-...
2nd June 2010 18:57
by Mendax Go to last post
by piet11111
26th February 2009 15:30
H+ magazine
seems there is an H+ online magazine so i thought i would share ...
30th May 2010 04:50
by NGNM85 Go to last post
by butterfly
14th January 2009 05:58
Environmentalism and Technogaianism
Do they exclude each other? Or do you see the concepts coming together at some point in the future?
30th May 2010 04:34
by NGNM85 Go to last post
by x371322
27th April 2010 04:21
Hey guys, new here. I'm not really a technocrat... well, I don't really know enough about it to...
10th May 2010 09:18
by Invincible Summer Go to last post
by Invincible Summer
8th April 2010 09:14
A.c.t. ?
I posted this in here to avoid the likes of Red Dave and Wolf Larson. I noticed that many of the...
17th April 2010 12:54
by Ẋʼn Go to last post
by Lenina Rosenweg
10th April 2010 18:49
Transhumanism in the history of socialism
My very first post on revleft! I have a few questions/observations about Transhumanism and the...
17th April 2010 12:51
by Ẋʼn Go to last post
by Technocrat
31st March 2010 03:04
A little solidarity, comrades
I started a thread on Technocracy and Communism in the Learning forum for anyone who has questions...
6th April 2010 14:59
by Ẋʼn Go to last post
by Julien Holcroft
16th September 2009 13:06
Hinderence of Human Progress
I realize I am still just "hey who's that new guy?", but as I was doing some research online a...
31st March 2010 03:55
by Technocrat Go to last post

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