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by krmchedlishvili
15th November 2008 03:56
what languages does everyone want to study?
18th September 2015 15:10
by Lanfear Go to last post
by PCommie
29th March 2009 16:57
Well, I'm insanely desperate to learn Russian. Anyone who wants to help, point me someplace I can...
24th April 2009 18:17
by PCommie Go to last post
by Grunt
7th December 2008 02:04
Have to learn french in a year - Help!
I have to learn french (reading, speaking) in a year. Any tips. Recommendations for good books,...
4th June 2013 00:55
by Orcris Go to last post
by Nothing Human Is Alien
15th November 2008 20:31
Online resources for learning other languages - social network where you can meet speakers of various languages, do...
15th August 2009 13:37
by revolution inaction Go to last post
by Rooster
26th September 2011 09:24
Penguin Russian Course
I found this book as I was going through my stuff and I was wondering if there'd be much of an...
20th January 2013 13:26
by teflsecretagent Go to last post
by Flying Purple People Eater
31st October 2012 15:18
Just how hard is it to learn a second language?
I know that many comrades here are not native english speakers, so I'd like to pose the question -...
4th June 2013 00:50
by Orcris Go to last post
by enver criticism
8th February 2012 09:05
愿意帮助大家学习中文I would like to help you study Chinese
2nd December 2012 20:21
by freethinker Go to last post
by Hebrew Hammer
13th June 2011 15:50
Hindi anyone?
Does anyone here speak Hindi? I'm trying to learn Hindi on my own, but is anyone here fluent in...
10th March 2013 17:03
by Manulearning Go to last post
by Dr Mindbender
10th March 2009 20:24
Does anyone else want to lead this group?
Id like someone else to take over.
6th September 2009 22:23
by FreeFocus Go to last post
by Rascolnikova
15th November 2008 10:17
French Language resources
So far, these are my favorite: Since it's news, it's faster than movies, really a challenge to...
25th July 2011 23:41
by grok Go to last post
by Galileo
26th August 2012 11:38
The Finnish language [suomean Kieltä]
Hi everyone, I've been studying Finnish since January and have visited there twice. I'm going...
27th August 2012 06:51
by Galileo Go to last post
30th September 2010 14:24
Could anybody help me here please?
Hi! I would really like to learn one of the languages spoken in the Balkans. Mainly Bulgarian,...
31st January 2012 21:40
by khlib Go to last post
by Sogdian
2nd February 2010 20:07
Esperanto (The International Language)
Esperanto is the most widely spoken constructed international auxiliary language. Its name derives...
27th June 2011 18:54
by RedBaltico Go to last post
by Dr Mindbender
15th November 2008 01:29
Welcome to the revleft Language Study group.
Discuss and learn world languages here.
9th October 2010 01:48
by ComIntern Go to last post
by Lyev
18th July 2010 16:44
Anyone around with a knowledge of the Polish language?
I am going to Poland tomorrow for a few days and I hate the arrogant English attitude that expects...
16th June 2011 12:52
by Red_Devotchka Go to last post
by Pelarys
9th March 2013 04:32
No German language thread!
For shame! I'm a beginner\intermediate in German, okay in vocabulary, grammar is rusty though. Is...
13th April 2014 13:01
by Tigertilda Go to last post
by TriPac Dude
15th January 2014 02:16
Baltic languages
I am interested in learning Lithuanian and Latvian. Is there anyone out there who knows these...
30th January 2014 12:39
by Igor Go to last post
by Orcris
4th June 2013 00:57
What are you opinions on constructed languages (conlangs)? They're my favorite type of language to...
5th June 2013 10:50
by Igor Go to last post
by Brother No. 1
23rd December 2008 14:24
help please
comrades I'm wnting to learn more russian and Chinese but since I'm in america they only have...
14th June 2009 19:06
by Black Sheep Go to last post
by Ningen no Samurai
25th June 2011 08:50
9th July 2011 21:59
by Sixiang Go to last post
by sanpal
8th July 2009 13:40
The voice chat for language practice.
I wish to improve my English through "Skype" (half of time in Russian - another part in English) so...
8th July 2009 13:40
by sanpal Go to last post
by FreeFocus
6th September 2009 22:04
Ayuda con español!
Hola camaradas, Estoy aprendido español. Estoy tomando AP español cuatro en la escuela este año....
6th September 2009 22:04
by FreeFocus Go to last post
by PCommie
21st March 2009 17:35
Hello, Hola, Hallo, Bonjour, здравствуйте and all that
Hello. I've joined, basically, because I'm obsessed with languages. I'd know all of them if I...
21st March 2009 17:35
by PCommie Go to last post
by Fuserg9
21st January 2009 11:33
help in italics(not this but the language :p) ...
21st January 2009 11:33
by Fuserg9 Go to last post
by automattick
2nd June 2010 04:22
Türkçe konuşan yoldaşlar var mı burada?
Aslında Türk değilim ama biraz Türkçe konuşabilirim. Daha fazla pratik yapmam lazım o yüzden...
2nd June 2010 04:22
by automattick Go to last post
by progressive_lefty
18th April 2011 03:31
I am Australian but have been to Brazil on three occasions so I speak a medium level of portuguese....
18th April 2011 03:31
by progressive_lefty Go to last post
by Dr Mindbender
15th November 2008 01:30
Group creator/ moderator actions.
I have created this thread since i have mod powers within the group but do not have the authority...
15th November 2008 01:30
by Dr Mindbender Go to last post

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