Bordigist (Moderated Group)

For those members who follow the teachings of Italian Left Communist Amadeo Bordiga, or sympathize with his views.

Bordigism is a tendency a part of the left communist tradition. It is opposed to the united frontism of Trotskyism and opposed to Stalinism. It opposes syndicalism and anarchism on the grounds that these positions are utopian, immediatist, and workerist. Bordigism maintains the importance of a restrictive vanguard party. As Bordiga says in his writing Fundamentals of Revolutionary Communism "By putting forward the idea of a proletariat without a party, a party which is sterilized and impotent party, or by looking for substitutes for it, the latest corrupters of Marxism have actually annihilated the class by depriving it of any possibility of fighting for socialism, or even, come to that, fighting for a miserable crust of bread." Bordigism takes the stance that democracy is not an end, but a means to an end and that, if we mean democracy to mean "the rule of all people" and, consequently, "the rule of all classes" then Marxists should be anti-democracy because, if society is broken down into two antagonistic classes (the bourgeoisie and the proletariat), and all states are organs of class rule, then we seek the rule of the proletariat over that of the bourgeoisie until a classless society can exist and terms such as "proletariat democracy" are contradictory.

For a good reading on Bordiga and Bordigism, check out this article by Loren Goldner:

The original Bordigist group from which many other international communist parties split can be found at this link:

A large thank-you to Comrade Zanthorus for providing the links.

Those interested in this group, or you want to just discuss Bordiga's works and thought, I would reccomend this.

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