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Social Group

Dialectical Materialists

Group Maintained by Art Vandelay

For all who engage in dialectical materialist wizardry.

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youth dialectic issue 2
From the youth dialectic

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by kasama-rl
6th March 2013 14:54
Materialist dialectics versus "the dialectic"
a question on terminology: dialectics versus "the dialectic" (singular) In the intro to this...
25th November 2013 03:54
by BIXX Go to last post
by kasama-rl
28th February 2013 15:17
Diamat or materialist dialectics
I just wanted to mention that many of us have (for decades really) referred to communist philosophy...
7th September 2013 17:57
by SonofRage Go to last post
by Sixiang
8th March 2011 23:18
Questions regarding DM
So after reading Joseph Stalin's "Dialectical and Historical Materialism", 3 questions arose for...
1st March 2013 00:48
by Workers-Control-Over-Prod Go to last post
by Random Precision
1st October 2008 04:36
Dialectical Materialism Resources
My sincere and comradely thanks to Rosa Lichtenstein (ironic, no?) for compiling the this list. I...
11th February 2013 02:51
by CyM Go to last post
by SonofRage
20th September 2012 20:32
"How to Think" Class by Sojourner Truth Organization
Hi all, I haven't been able to find this mentioned on RevLeft, but I was at one point part of a...
20th September 2012 20:32
by SonofRage Go to last post
by ArseCynic
23rd May 2012 01:56
I have been a marxist for some time now, and after years I still cannot understnd "Dialectical...
23rd May 2012 15:04
by Zealot Go to last post
by Sixiang
13th February 2012 18:35
Other aspects of philosophies
I have a question regarded dialectical materialism. So the opposite of dialectical materialism is...
4th March 2012 04:47
by Zealot Go to last post
by Zurdito
27th September 2008 07:23
David Harvey on Capital - online videos that is the first of 13...
8th May 2011 09:18
by Olentzero Go to last post
by scarletghoul
21st November 2010 16:06
great dialectical materialists and their work
What are some of the best dialecticians and theoretical works of dialectical materialism ? I'll try...
20th April 2011 22:17
by Olentzero Go to last post
by Syndicalisme ou Barbarie
7th October 2008 14:00
What is Dialectical Materialism?
I thought this would be a good thread for beginners on Dialectical materialism. I find the concept...
30th March 2011 16:24
by HEAD ICE Go to last post
by Lyev
6th December 2010 21:35
Aufhebung; supersession, sublation = "dialectical progression"?
Firstly - this is unrelated to the actual discussion that I wanna bring up - I was hoping, in lieu...
6th December 2010 21:35
by Lyev Go to last post
by the youth dialectic
15th November 2010 22:11
where does rosa's idealism lie?
rosa mystifies the relationship between two stages of investigation the first is the analysis...
15th November 2010 22:11
by the youth dialectic Go to last post
by Random Precision
26th September 2008 22:08
Hi, my name is Bill, and I'm a dialectician... :lol: Anyway, I think we've had a need for such a...
12th November 2010 22:46
by the youth dialectic Go to last post
by Led Zeppelin
30th September 2008 18:22
The best method to learn dialectics
There's no way in hell that I'm reading Dialectics of Nature, and to be honest I'm not really...
6th November 2010 00:52
by Widerstand Go to last post
by Queercommie Girl
7th August 2010 20:03
Hostility towards Dialectical Materialism
Hi all I must say I am somewhat surprised that so many on RevLeft seem to be anti-dialectics....
18th September 2010 17:13
by promethean Go to last post
by A.R.Amistad
13th July 2010 03:02
new Anti Engels sentiment?
So, there has, as I'm sure many of you know, been this new fad to separate Marx from Engels as much...
11th September 2010 17:52
by Freedom-Hating Communist Go to last post
by Charles Xavier
20th March 2009 00:13
What Is Philosophy?
I encourage everyone to give their two cents. What is philosophy, what is its subject matter, what...
14th July 2010 06:53
by A.R.Amistad Go to last post
by Philosophical Materialist
17th August 2009 15:08
Marx on Hegel's dialectic and his own dialectic method
If anyone thinks the Marx abandoned dialectics before Capital, or even if you dispute that Marx's...
13th July 2010 03:48
by A.R.Amistad Go to last post
by Random Precision
14th November 2008 16:17
Next DM study group
Right. So apparently our last discussion, while it trailed off on the end, was a success for those...
9th July 2010 22:14
by A.R.Amistad Go to last post
by Random Precision
24th March 2009 19:21
Defending Dialectics (Or, the Rosa Watch Thread)
Any of us who have been bored enough to visit the Anti-Dialectics group probably remember that Rosa...
21st August 2009 06:29
by PRC-UTE Go to last post
by Janine Melnitz
26th July 2009 09:00
Need a damn icon around here
Use this image or I'm quitting the group ...
26th July 2009 09:00
by Janine Melnitz Go to last post
by DiaMat86
2nd October 2008 05:21
Thanks for the invite
I am glad to join this group especially to see all the Dialectical Materialism resources. I am...
14th May 2009 23:16
by PRC-UTE Go to last post
by black magick hustla
29th March 2009 08:29
ok guys show me what ya folks got
basically, i asked KC to tell me what has he gotten out of dialectics that makes the latter worth...
17th April 2009 00:52
by PCommie Go to last post
by Random Precision
10th December 2008 17:21
Study Group: "Reform or Revolution" by Rosa Luxemburg
The poll a week ago decided on this as the next work to study. Reform or Revolution This text...
2nd January 2009 20:06
by Mister X Go to last post
by Random Precision
6th October 2008 20:00
Study Group: "What is Orthodox Marxism?" by Georg Lukács
The first of our hopefully quite profitable and educational study groups on dialectical materialism...
13th November 2008 22:03
by PRC-UTE Go to last post
10th October 2008 04:07
"Marxism and Philosophy" by Karl Korsch
I would like to propose the essay from Karl Korsch "Marxism and Philosophy" in order to comment...
10th October 2008 04:07
by SEKT Go to last post
by Random Precision
26th September 2008 22:15
Books for a study group
Like I've said elsewhere, I think it would be a good idea to have a study group going on here, as...
5th October 2008 21:51
by Random Precision Go to last post

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