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Group Maintained by Soseloshvili

Pan-leftism is an ideology, or the lack there of one, which promotes the notion that Anti-Capitalist Leftists of all shades should cooperate instead of constantly bickering amongst themselves.

Pan-leftists welcome all Anti-Capitalists be they Anarchist; Communists of all shades including Maoists, Trotskyists; Religious Socialists (Such as Liberation Theologists or Islamic Socialists); Democratic Socialists (of the sort who don't support the Capitalist means of production); Syndicalists or any other ideology which supports the working class against Capitalism and Fascism.

Marx is famously quotes as saying "workers of the world, unite!"

Shouldn't that last word apply to us as well?

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by EvilRedGuy
1st January 2011 13:27
Why is the socialdemocrat symbol in the picture?
This is a united pro-communist group, right? The hand holding the rose is the...
16th May 2015 21:25
by lutraphile Go to last post
by scmarxist
23rd July 2013 16:05
new guy
Just an introduction. I live in SC:crying:. I meet with a group in columbia once a month. I'm a...
25th July 2013 19:30
by TheGodlessUtopian Go to last post
by Human Liberation Front
25th July 2013 01:59
Frente Amplio (Broad Front)
Frente Amplio, a pan-Leftist party, is the current party in the Presidential seat in Uruguay. ...
25th July 2013 01:59
by Human Liberation Front Go to last post
by Emmeka
30th March 2013 11:28
I used to kick around this forum as "Soseloshvili" and I created this tendency when I was 14. I've...
30th March 2013 23:27
by l'Enfermé Go to last post
by thriller
26th May 2012 00:50
Gaining momentum?
So yo. Word. Anyhoot, I think Pan-Leftist ideals or at least 'inclusive radical leftism' is...
26th July 2012 20:11
by Comrade #138672 Go to last post
by SamV
19th February 2011 03:50
Does this include leftist reformists?
Because personally, I only work with revolutionaries.
15th May 2012 17:42
by OHumanista Go to last post
by Ocean Seal
8th October 2010 02:00
What can we do to encourage pan-leftism
So any ideas? Any theories as to why sectarianism abounds?
30th July 2011 17:01
by DarkPast Go to last post
by Soseloshvili
2nd October 2010 01:54
A Brief History of Pan-Leftism
Since the Marx-Bakunin split there have been those who have constantly tried to unify factions,...
3rd October 2010 02:12
by Soseloshvili Go to last post

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