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Social Group

Punky revolutionaires

Group Maintained by Pirate Utopian

Hey if metalheads have their group, so do we.
Any fans of punk, proto-punk, post-punk and whatever else comes close to punk can join.

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by pax et aequalitas
26th January 2015 17:12
Anyone like Japanese punk? Are there leftist ones?
I recently discovered a whole bunch of really good hardcore bands from Japan, for a significant...
8th January 2016 20:56
by newdayrising Go to last post
by uncontent_soul
26th May 2015 22:48
Punk Bands I Listen To
Hardcore and Punk: The Misfits The Clash Nirvana (More grunge actually) Black Flag Dead...
26th May 2015 22:48
by uncontent_soul Go to last post
by Riot11
20th March 2009 22:25
Folk Punk
Is one of my favorite sub-genres of punk. What do you guys think of it?
21st May 2015 03:52
by dez Go to last post
by thethinveil
4th February 2013 06:02
Favorite Hardcore, Power-violence, Grind, thrash, etc band
Mine is Charles Bronson, for my favorite power-violence band. I got really into them when I was in...
10th May 2015 07:53
by Sewer Socialist Go to last post
by Fawkes
23rd February 2009 03:04
Punk Rock's 10 Mightiest Guitar Gods What do you guys think of this list? It focuses...
7th February 2015 19:14
by FarewellToKings Go to last post
by Unkut
23rd September 2010 05:25
Strike Anywhere
I think they're pretty tight. A little overly melodic for my taste but good overall and great...
20th August 2014 19:53
by theuproar Go to last post
by communard resolution
24th September 2008 12:17
Punky revolutionaries - let's dedicate this thread to our thoughts on the Oi movement, also known...
20th August 2014 19:49
by theuproar Go to last post
by Yuppie Grinder
8th November 2012 23:05
Favorite Marxist Punk Bands
Nation of Ulysses The Proletariat The United Sons of Toil Born Against Refused (duh) The Dicks
20th August 2014 19:10
by theuproar Go to last post
by Tipnup
31st August 2008 04:40
What are some of your favorite punk bands?
The Clash Anti-Flag The Give-Ups The Adversaries? Crass Black Flag Dead Kennedys Dropkick...
15th February 2014 03:08
by Libertarian Punk Go to last post
by Pirate Utopian
1st September 2008 17:23
No Wave
Does any here dig it? The most experimental of all post-punk. Noisy, atonal, earsplitting,...
15th May 2013 00:24
by billydan Go to last post
by Pirate Utopian
27th September 2009 20:35
Please Kill Me
Has anyone else read this book? It's great. It focuses primarily on the NY punk scene. I am...
4th February 2013 05:50
by thethinveil Go to last post
by Fawkes
16th October 2008 00:35
What are your opinions on Anti-Flag? I personally can't stand them and I find their music way too...
4th February 2013 05:43
by thethinveil Go to last post
by Fawkes
10th February 2009 20:52
Favorite punk rock album covers
My favorite's probably Dropkick Murphys' Do or Die, which is also the only album by them that I...
4th February 2013 04:42
by DoCt SPARTAN Go to last post
by Pirate Utopian
5th October 2008 11:43
Yes I'm talking about punkmusic for mailmen. Or ofcourse that music subgenre that evolved from...
27th January 2013 07:35
by billydan225 Go to last post
by Idealism
23rd April 2009 22:05
Crust punk?
whats the general opinion on it? i dont really know much about it, so that why im asking
26th December 2012 19:52
by Spurcatu Go to last post
by Pirate Utopian
3rd November 2008 21:18
Punk is dead
What do you think?
14th November 2012 00:00
by Amandla Go to last post
Synth Punk?
Anyone here listening to this stuff?They even dismiss guitars as being too establishment-connected...
1st November 2011 16:07
by FatsoFreako Go to last post
by freepalestine
9th July 2011 19:33
Building the BDS movement: Punks Against Apartheid say "Itís bigger than Jello Biafra
Building the BDS movement: Punks Against Apartheid say "Itís bigger than Jello Biafra" Submitted...
9th July 2011 19:59
by freepalestine Go to last post
by Ztrain
11th August 2010 13:57
Ska is an awesome genre of punk...the kind im talking about that taught anti rascism and...
20th June 2011 03:58
by Dimitri Molotov Go to last post
by Fawkes
1st February 2009 23:10
It seems that people either love Rancid and see them as rejuvenators of punk or hate them as...
20th June 2011 03:50
by Dimitri Molotov Go to last post
by Pirate Utopian
27th September 2009 02:53
Sex Pistols
I gotta say that whenever people talk about the Sex Pistols they complete underrate them. They...
20th May 2010 07:24
by NGNM85 Go to last post
by Pirate Utopian
15th January 2009 13:28
I'm so bored with the USA
...and the UK talking about who started punk. Who gives a toss? Let's have your views. Oh,...
20th May 2010 07:20
by NGNM85 Go to last post
by Fawkes
24th September 2008 02:49
I haven't really heard that much psychobilly other than Mad Sin, which I really like, unless you...
26th April 2010 09:42
by scarletghoul Go to last post
by Little-Lenin
6th December 2009 15:47
Questions. What about the "old boys"?
:star2: Hello. I have been a punk rocker since 1980. I am grateful for the chance this group here...
15th February 2010 05:49
by Little-Lenin Go to last post
by Fawkes
22nd September 2008 00:43
I'll be honest, I think Crass sucks and I really don't like them. I'm not a fan of their music, the...
29th January 2010 15:13
by Little-Lenin Go to last post
by victim77
14th November 2008 00:57
My band! We have been playing for a while and just put out our...
18th November 2009 02:17
by The Ben G Go to last post
by munter
7th November 2009 19:20
Punk Against the PA! EDINBURGH 13TH NOV smash nato after party
Punk Against the PA! A night of punk to...
7th November 2009 19:20
by munter Go to last post
by Pirate Utopian
30th September 2008 13:40
What band that predates the punk do you like or do you think arent mentioned enough?, or maybe...
16th August 2009 08:33
by Mala Tha Testa Go to last post
by Fawkes
29th June 2009 20:45
Kings of Nuthin'
Anyone else here ever heard of them or listen to them? They're one of my favorite bands out there...
29th June 2009 20:45
by Fawkes Go to last post
by Fawkes
1st October 2008 22:43
The Oppressed samples
I didn't really notice it at first when I started listening to them because they were one of the...
29th March 2009 20:19
by Black_Flag Go to last post

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