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Social Group

Ireland leftists

Group Maintained by Coggeh

Regional group for irish comrades.
Grúpa Réigiúnach do comrades gaelach.

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by paranoidandroid
4th July 2014 23:28
Anyone still around on this thread?
Seems the last post on this was sometime last year, anyone still around?
27th August 2014 09:32
by Connolly1916 Go to last post
by howblackisyourflag
30th April 2010 21:07
Are you active revolutionaries?
Just wondering, been from Ireland myself, are many of the people who post on this website working...
4th July 2014 23:14
by paranoidandroid Go to last post
by Dr Mindbender
18th January 2009 18:25
What party should i join?
I'm stuck in an awkward situation because want to get active but at the same time live in a town...
16th October 2013 19:02
by Celtic_0ne Go to last post
by Anti-Traditional
4th January 2013 19:48
New group
You a Celtic fan by any chance? Ive started a Celtic supporters group: ...
4th January 2013 19:48
by Anti-Traditional Go to last post
by Woyzeck
18th December 2009 19:14
Group Logo
Ché (who wasn't Irish and is hardly a universally accepted figure), Tiocfaidh ár lá (what's a Provo...
3rd November 2011 23:55
by Irish Left Go to last post
by Dr Mindbender
4th September 2008 22:44
How many of you speak Irish?
Just wondered if its worth pushing for an irish language board on the international section. BTW...
1st September 2011 07:51
by BOZG Go to last post
by Connolly
7th September 2008 20:15
Who do you support?
Which revolutionary socialist organisation do you support, or affiliate yourself with, in Ireland?...
12th August 2011 16:19
by Coggeh Go to last post
by The Hong Se Sun
8th August 2010 14:24
I am a Irish American and I was wondering......
I am over 50% (I think around like 65) Irish heritage but please understand that in the US people...
21st May 2011 12:41
by Cork Socialist Go to last post
by jerseybhoy
15th May 2011 05:10
Radio rebel gael may day tribute
RADIO REBEL GAEL : May Day 2011: International Tribute to The Workers !...
15th May 2011 05:10
by jerseybhoy Go to last post
by jerseybhoy
15th May 2011 05:05
Justice for the political prisoners in maghaberry
I just emailed , the Secretariat, at the European Council for the Prevention of Torture, Diane...
15th May 2011 05:05
by jerseybhoy Go to last post
by Republican Resistance
31st May 2010 14:02
Expell Israeli rogue state ambassador from Ireland and shit down its embassy petition
I have created a petition outlining the Irish peoples wishes for the expulsion of the Israeli rogue...
25th June 2010 08:23
by Andropov Go to last post
by Crux
3rd March 2010 01:13
Irish fascists
I may just be new to the world of the Irish far right, but is it common that they use James...
16th June 2010 20:58
by Dr Mindbender Go to last post
10th June 2010 15:33
March and Rally (June 26) - Europe-wide week of Protest and Solidarity
Details below: Where: Central Bank Plaza, Dame Street, Dublin 2 When: Saturday, June 26th...
10th June 2010 15:33
by BOZG Go to last post
by Republican Resistance
26th May 2010 09:42
Picket in support of Republican prisoners and internees-Louth
On Saturday the 5th of June at 2pm there will be a protest held at Drogheda Town Centre, West...
26th May 2010 09:42
by Republican Resistance Go to last post
by Andropov
22nd April 2010 17:50
22nd April 2010 17:50
by Andropov Go to last post
by count66
13th April 2010 20:26
Trilateral Commission
For anyone who is interested in some decent and real anti capitalist demonstrations - the...
13th April 2010 20:36
by Ruaidhrí Garvey Go to last post
by Dr Mindbender
15th August 2008 21:52
whereabouts are you based?
just thought to put things in perspective i'd find out what our distribution looks like. sorry...
13th April 2010 09:43
by CroppyBoy Go to last post
by Charlyallen
3rd March 2010 20:55
Hello Comrades, I'm just introducing myself.
Hi all, I'm charlie, I am Irish born and bred, have lived here all my life, and lately, well, for...
4th March 2010 17:58
by Autonome Go to last post
23rd February 2010 17:27
Davy Stockbrokers - Years of high income largely wasted (Ireland)
Link Interesting report by Davys. Pretty much puts an end to some of the arguments about high...
23rd February 2010 17:27
by BOZG Go to last post
by Dr Mindbender
1st September 2008 15:04
Republican murals
In response to a request by another member, here is a thread of republican murals. ...
13th January 2010 21:35
by Conghaileach Go to last post
by Dr Mindbender
6th January 2009 00:31
Che in Ireland
While I knew Che was of Irish descent, I found this interesting as i never knew he actually visited...
9th January 2010 15:30
by Jolly Red Giant Go to last post
by Dóchas
14th September 2009 21:08
Lisbon Treaty
As seen as Ireland has to vote on this in 3 weeks or so i thought it would be appropriate to talk...
1st October 2009 16:01
by Dóchas Go to last post
by *Red*Alert
19th August 2009 00:10
National Hungerstrike Commemoration 2009
The National Hunger Strike Commemoration was held in Co. Tyrone last weekend, for the first time in...
19th August 2009 00:10
by *Red*Alert Go to last post
by count66
10th July 2009 23:31
Christian Anarchist Groups in Ireland
Hi all, I'm trying to find a Christian Anarchist group in Ireland (preferably in Dublin). ...
18th August 2009 19:49
by count66 Go to last post
by Andropov
28th May 2009 02:37
Any LOI or IL Fans here?
Any fans here?
29th May 2009 22:21
by Hoggy_RS Go to last post
by The Idler
8th February 2009 15:43
List of Left-Wing Parties in Ireland
I've started an editable List of Left-Wing Parties in Ireland on Anarchopedia but it needs a lot of...
15th May 2009 09:32
by la lucha sigue Go to last post
by Dr Mindbender
15th August 2008 20:38
Welcome to ireland leftists
Post regional stuff about goings on in ireland here. I know a lot of yous use the starry plough...
9th April 2009 20:48
by Smalltown Boy Go to last post
by Dr Mindbender
5th March 2009 21:09
Captain planet saves Belfast
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Fails so hard it is hilarious. ...
17th March 2009 13:29
by Dr Mindbender Go to last post
by Dr Mindbender
17th March 2009 13:24
Happy St Patricks day
17th March 2009 13:24
by Dr Mindbender Go to last post
by Coggy
9th March 2009 16:40
Simpsons are coming to teh EIRE !
I can'ts wait :) ...
10th March 2009 15:45
by Dr Mindbender Go to last post

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