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Social Group

Self defence and martial arts

Group Maintained by Sasha

for discussion of the field of self defence and hand to hand combat techniques.

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5th January 2015 16:19
Whats your favourite martial art?
I've done a bit of just about every martial art going, but my favourite was probably judo as it's a...
5th January 2015 16:19
by DAN E BOY Go to last post
by Landsharks eat metal
25th February 2014 21:19
Mental/emotional reactions in learning
I don't know if anybody is going to see this post or have any way to help me, but I'll try anyway. ...
22nd September 2014 00:26
by Landsharks eat metal Go to last post
by Dóchas
27th November 2008 20:15
Which martial art is best for beginner
i posted this just normally but was the requested to post it in this groups forum recently iv...
21st April 2014 11:22
by mindsword Go to last post
by The Red Next Door
18th February 2010 00:52
Would it be retarded to learn MA from a book
I check out a book at school called karate for idiots and i have been practicing some of the moves...
21st April 2014 11:18
by mindsword Go to last post
by optimist
15th January 2009 22:50
what was your motivation to start martial arts?
i start this thread because i'm intrested to know what was on your head.i became a martial arts fan...
21st April 2014 11:15
by mindsword Go to last post
by Nietzsche's Ghost
24th January 2009 20:31
Online Training?
I want to try ninjistu training, and the nearest school is 3 hours away. I found a site that...
21st April 2014 11:14
by mindsword Go to last post
by AnarchicSaint
13th March 2012 07:59
Is your style street effective?
I trained Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, and various forms of grappling. I prefer traditional...
24th March 2014 13:05
by BeckyLively Go to last post
by Dr Mindbender
12th August 2008 10:01
what martial art do you study?
what martial art or self defence school do you study?
25th January 2014 00:44
by Jambo Go to last post
by Rodrigo
29th September 2011 03:05
About the boxer Nikolai Korolev
29.06.05 - By Gennadi "Komar" Komarnitzsky and Izyaslav “Slava” Koza: While perusing through the...
26th July 2012 03:40
by Rodrigo Go to last post
by Chambered Word
15th January 2010 13:36
Steel toe boots
Seems a bit silly to ask about, but how valuable are these in a real streetfight?
21st July 2012 18:22
by Zannarchy Go to last post
by Sasha
22nd November 2008 18:22
MMA Anarchist HW Jeff Monson
A thread dedicated to news about UFC fighter and anarchist Jeff "the snowman" Monson An old...
25th October 2011 00:07
by Comrade Marcel Go to last post
by The Essence Of Flame Is The Essence Of Change
27th December 2009 17:47
For a beginner..
Well some recent events have shown me that I should get back in learning an MA (at least until we...
24th October 2011 23:51
by Comrade Marcel Go to last post
by Grunt
7th December 2008 02:56
Touchy Question...
I do not know whether I am allowed to post this question. Anyway - here it is: Does...
24th October 2011 23:29
by Comrade Marcel Go to last post
by FreeFocus
11th June 2009 00:24
Any MMA fans here?
I surprised martial arts and combat sports aren't properly appreciated on RevLeft :(. Any MMA fans?...
16th August 2011 04:27
by rockstars must die Go to last post
by MilitantWorker
27th June 2010 05:16
Fedor lost holy crap
I CALLED IT!!!!!!!! HAHA WAR WERDUM!!! even said it'd be a sub in the first round or fedor...
2nd July 2010 17:18
by MilitantWorker Go to last post
by MilitantWorker
12th April 2010 04:29
Anderson Silva Goes For Broke
Anderson Goes For Broke ...
15th April 2010 03:29
by FreeFocus Go to last post
by FreeFocus
26th February 2010 22:25
US Army Combatives Manual It's...
26th February 2010 22:25
by FreeFocus Go to last post
by Rebel_Serigan
28th March 2009 23:46
The Martial Arts that are Genuinely Useful
I am sorry to say but it takes afr too long and money to master or even become adept at many...
12th January 2010 03:37
by MilitantWorker Go to last post
by Dr Mindbender
13th August 2008 16:19
Ninja death punch
:D Made of win.
17th October 2009 19:41
by Dr Mindbender Go to last post
by Misanthrope
10th August 2009 01:12
Silva vs Griffin MMA Silva is insane..
12th August 2009 06:36
by MilitantWorker Go to last post
by ellipsis
13th May 2009 16:39
how do you define martial arts?
When ppl talk about martial arts, how do you define "martial arts"? I take it literally as in...
30th May 2009 19:51
by Cynical Observer Go to last post
by The Idler
22nd March 2009 21:37
Ready to Ruck by Ray Hulm
Where can I get Ready to Ruck by Ray Hulm? It's a book about non-hierarchical martial arts?
20th April 2009 22:23
by Ray Go to last post
by WeiWuWei
14th April 2009 12:14
Anyone here take Kendo or Iaido?
Please say yes! That'd be so awesome.
20th April 2009 05:46
by Cynical Observer Go to last post
by Dr Mindbender
10th April 2009 16:39
What grade are you in your MA?
I am 7th kyu (green belt and 1 silver star).
10th April 2009 16:39
by Dr Mindbender Go to last post
by Module
12th March 2009 04:58
Benefits of learning a martial art?
What have you gotten out of it? Why did you start, was it what you expected? And, do/did you do...
13th March 2009 23:21
by Dr Mindbender Go to last post
by Invincible Summer
3rd March 2009 21:36
Another "Which martial art should I take?" thread
I've taken judo many years ago, didn't go very far as my sensei stopped teaching. It was definitely...
4th March 2009 22:49
by Invincible Summer Go to last post
by Sasha
2nd December 2008 20:22
whoohoo!! got my k-1 tickets
i got my tickets today for the K-1 tournament this year, 16th of may in the amsterdam arena, it...
12th February 2009 12:16
by Sasha Go to last post
by Dr Mindbender
30th January 2009 20:55
''Practice vs Training''
This article was written by a European bujinkan shihan but i think it's of value to practitioners...
30th January 2009 20:55
by Dr Mindbender Go to last post
by Nietzsche's Ghost
30th January 2009 01:00
TKD sparring
Is there any organizations/tournaments that offer Taekwondo sparring with KO/tap out instead of a...
30th January 2009 01:00
by Nietzsche's Ghost Go to last post
by anti-authoritarian
19th January 2009 21:12
Teaching Myself Self Defence
Over the past few months I seem to be making a habit of narrowly escaping fights. I'm your average...
24th January 2009 21:49
by Dr Mindbender Go to last post

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