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Aspiring Writers

Group Maintained by #FF0000

"The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say." - Anais Nin

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"I am not a very disciplined writer." - George R.R. Martin And yes, that is table salt.
From Tenka

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by Schr÷dinger's Cat
8th August 2008 06:35
What is your current project?
What project are you set at? Care to provide a word count? I'll start things off: I'm a guy...
17th July 2014 22:50
by Tenka Go to last post
by politics student
9th August 2008 20:19
Favorite environment to write in?
Where do you enjoy writing? Do you enjoy writing at a certain time of day? I often write at...
27th May 2014 02:11
by Tenka Go to last post
by Random Precision
9th August 2008 00:42
Your influences?
I find that often my writing comes to resemble the work of those writers who I am least naturally...
21st April 2014 20:33
by Zoroaster Go to last post
by btpound
25th November 2009 19:14
Greatest book of all time
What is your favorite book, novella, short story, or poem?
21st April 2014 20:23
by Zoroaster Go to last post
by Skunk Ape
16th October 2011 07:09
Post an Excerpt
I am not sure if there is to much activity in this group but I just found it and think its a great...
25th February 2014 03:13
by Tenka Go to last post
by Tenka
20th December 2013 00:22
Mercy Killings
"When it comes to people, mercy killing is against the law. When it comes to fiction, it is the...
11th February 2014 23:31
by Tenka Go to last post
by Revenant
31st January 2014 19:40
World Truth Fetishism
Hi. I think Marx's ideas on alienation, reification and commodity fetishism are among his most...
31st January 2014 19:40
by Revenant Go to last post
by LeonJWilliams
25th January 2013 20:32
Writers wanted!
ACA The Underground is seeking left-wing writers, where you sit on the left doesn't matter. See...
25th January 2013 20:32
by LeonJWilliams Go to last post
by Aflameoffreedom
10th March 2012 20:35
Under The Black Flag Sky: Anarchist short stories
8th September 2012 01:42
by khad Go to last post
by Taig
15th December 2008 12:31
When are you a writer?
I was watching Charlie Brooker's screenwipe a few weeks ago and one screenwriter for Eastenders...
9th July 2011 22:09
by Sixiang Go to last post
by Nietzsche's Ghost
13th July 2010 02:34
Stream of Consciousness
Anyone ever try it? This is one of mine. Books rest easy on a worn desk nestled by popsicle...
17th April 2011 22:15
by OhYesIdid Go to last post
by Evil Dead
13th July 2010 00:02
My peotry
So i'm new to poetry and I was wondering what you thought of my poetry. Storm A storm is...
13th July 2010 00:02
by Evil Dead Go to last post
by Taig
10th January 2009 08:58
When I first started writing I noticed that in places, it just really sounded awful, awash with...
16th June 2010 21:47
by El Rojo Go to last post
by El Rojo
16th June 2010 21:36
how do revlefts aspiring writters work out the plots of the thier works? do you work it all out...
16th June 2010 21:36
by El Rojo Go to last post
by Bad Grrrl Agro
30th March 2010 03:20
Poem: "Alive, Dead or In-Between"
The day that people see me When they look in my direction Is a day that I long to finally see...
30th May 2010 04:55
by RedRise Go to last post
by leninwasarightwingnutcase
18th March 2010 09:00
Agitprop piece I wrote a while back
Hi guys. I recently graduated uni and am trying to make my writing more accessible. Here's the...
18th March 2010 09:00
by leninwasarightwingnutcase Go to last post
by Schr÷dinger's Cat
9th August 2008 02:02
Has anyone tried getting published?
I'm planning to submit my novel at the end of September. This will be a very exciting (and...
9th August 2009 15:07
by Lolshevik Go to last post
by #FF0000
5th September 2008 19:16
Dealing with Writer's Block
I've been struggling with writing for years now. I write bits but nothing ever becomes of it. I...
5th May 2009 14:50
by blackstone Go to last post
by Bad Grrrl Agro
24th February 2009 21:17
"Upon Every Shining Star (Concept or Reality)"
I have desired him Though I don't know If he exists He's the only reason I know The only reason...
24th February 2009 21:17
by Bad Grrrl Agro Go to last post
by Serpent
6th February 2009 17:28
My first chapter
This is an excerpt from the first chapter of the first book in my fantasy series "The Noviyariad",...
6th February 2009 17:28
by Dimentio Go to last post
by Romantic Revolutionary
15th January 2009 09:14
Hoping to do Edinburgh this August
The plan for the year is to get something written by August to perform at the festival. I wonder if...
15th January 2009 09:14
by Angry Young Man Go to last post
by Dust Bunnies
8th October 2008 21:59
The Young Revolutionary
(Here is an attempt at me writing, I have already gotten part of it done, tell me how it is) ...
3rd November 2008 01:13
by Dust Bunnies Go to last post
by #FF0000
9th October 2008 06:06
An Untitled Quick-Writing bit
A friend and I decided to write a page or so of a story to waste 15 minutes of time. First thing...
10th October 2008 09:43
by #FF0000 Go to last post
by gla22
29th September 2008 03:08
How do you brainstorm ideas? I just start writing about certain things and after an hour I have...
5th October 2008 14:47
by Dean Go to last post
by Plagueround
12th August 2008 10:23
Excerpt of one of my projects
Here's the first chapter of a project I've been working on. Its not any of the ones that I...
1st October 2008 11:55
by apathy maybe Go to last post
by Bad Grrrl Agro
26th September 2008 00:53
Absence Has It's Presence - A Poem
Without light there is no darkness Without darkness there is no light On every face under the sun...
30th September 2008 02:28
by Bad Grrrl Agro Go to last post
by Random Precision
11th August 2008 02:24
The beginning of my story cycle
Like I posted in the other thread, I've been outlining a cycle of stories concerning a sculpture on...
29th September 2008 03:26
by gla22 Go to last post
by black magick hustla
14th August 2008 22:02
starry archipielago - poem
The sea rolls the starry archipelago roams the sky like a million eyes of god and a girl sits on...
29th September 2008 03:14
by black magick hustla Go to last post
by BurnTheOliveTree
16th September 2008 22:50
Stale Bread.
This is the opening to a short story I'm toying with. Is it worth carrying on with, or am I barking...
25th September 2008 14:02
by apathy maybe Go to last post
by Led Zeppelin
11th August 2008 20:25
Criticisms and such
I saw people giving some good constructive criticisms on the other writings, so I was wondering if...
25th September 2008 02:24
by Led Zeppelin Go to last post

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