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Social Group Discussions in: Marxist-Leninists
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by getfiscal
30th January 2012 21:21
What specific economic mechanism do you think is typically best?
I've been trying to read more about the economics of socialist planning. Obviously there is a great...
18th February 2012 22:35
by Comrade_Stalin Go to last post
by Akshay!
2nd July 2013 02:39
Seriously, where are all the MLs???
How is it possible that there are so few MLs on the internet? I don't know much about other...
11th July 2013 15:38
by Brutus Go to last post
by The Old Man from Scene 24
16th February 2012 07:45
Would I be better off living away from the first world?
This may sound a idiotic at first, but I will do my best to explain. As a communist, even more...
18th February 2012 01:07
by Vyacheslav Brolotov Go to last post
by MaximMK
26th March 2012 23:44
Marxist-Leninist opionion regarding my idea
Recently i was a part of a discussion which motivated me to write here. We were talking about...
3rd April 2012 18:28
by Havee3333333 Go to last post
by Roach
18th March 2014 16:31
This apparently ML organization seems to be growing a lot thanks to the political turmoil in...
11th April 2014 22:04
by Roach Go to last post
by Bostana
13th February 2012 11:03
United States Marxist-Leninists Organization.
What's your guy's opinion on USMLO Here their link if you want to check it out....
16th February 2012 21:00
by Sixiang Go to last post
by Zulu
8th May 2012 13:22
Marxism-Leninism and conspiracy theories
I've had this little exchange with Comrade Commistar recently, and he kind of put Marxism_Leninism...
23rd May 2012 02:00
by Revolutionary_Marxist Go to last post
by Questionable
29th September 2012 03:39
Line-up picture with Hoxha instead of Mao
This might seem like an odd question but is there an alternative version of the Communist Leader...
29th September 2012 20:37
by bad ideas actualised by alcohol Go to last post
by Questionable
8th October 2012 18:05
American Party of Labor
Does anyone know if they're still active? Do we have any members here? They still update Red...
16th October 2012 06:29
by Questionable Go to last post
by Yet_Another_Boring_Marxist
2nd March 2013 07:37
On Juche's Relationship with Marxist Leninism
The other day I mentioned that I was studying Juche and said that I would try to put my thoughts to...
7th April 2013 23:15
by Ismail Go to last post
by Questionable
18th May 2013 01:39
Convincing people the truth about Stalin
How do you convince people that Stalin wasn't a mass murdering psychopath? Simple question, I...
25th May 2013 00:05
by Nevsky Go to last post
by Akshay!
3rd July 2013 03:08
I've seen dozens of lectures by Harpal Brar on CPGB-ML's YouTube channel and I'm also currently...
3rd July 2013 18:24
by Ismail Go to last post
by Brutus
11th July 2013 22:25
I'm going to Moscow at the end of the month...
So could you guys recommend any places to visit?
28th July 2013 19:39
by Ismail Go to last post
by Commissar Rykov
25th December 2011 19:44
I just figured I would ask here and state my own views on the ideas of Socialism in One Country....
31st December 2011 19:08
by Sixiang Go to last post
by Sixiang
7th July 2011 04:12
Marxist-Leninist historians?
I noticed that most of the historians listed in the consolidated reading FAQ are Trotskyists or...
17th July 2011 15:43
by DiaMat86 Go to last post
by Kassad
1st April 2009 14:36
Well, first of all, it's really nice to see the membership continue to grow in this group. It shows...
14th May 2009 20:34
by Kassad Go to last post
by Smalltown Boy
7th August 2009 18:38
Comrades... I'm thinking of working on establishing a social, resource and educational site for...
29th August 2009 09:10
by Charles Xavier Go to last post
by DiaMat86
22nd February 2009 00:12
Book review: A History of State Betrayal
Professor Grover Furr has written a book showing every one of Kruschev's assertions in the "Secret...
31st March 2009 00:29
by hugsandmarxism Go to last post
by Charles Xavier
26th April 2010 13:35
We are the 2nd largest group
We are now the second largest group on RevLeft. We are the outpost of rational discussion in a...
3rd May 2010 03:23
by Comrade_Stalin Go to last post
by The Red Next Door
3rd June 2010 08:32
Do i have to be a big fan of Stalin?
I am still not a fan of Stalin, but i am starting to have an open minded to, why he did certain...
27th June 2010 01:41
by Comrade_Stalin Go to last post
by Brad
22nd December 2008 20:12
People Demand Socialism!
27th January 2009 04:48
by Brad Go to last post
by Comrade_Stalin
4th October 2010 04:04
Zero taxes under Stalin?
I read from one of the users here that Under Stalin the Soviet Union had a zero tax rate, is this...
31st October 2010 16:55
by Comrade_Stalin Go to last post
by mykittyhasaboner
28th May 2009 03:20
Socialism In One Country
I've always thought that this is one of the most misrepresented and least explained theories by...
30th May 2009 06:00
by Communist Theory Go to last post
by Paul Pott
2nd July 2013 21:47
Statement of the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action) on Brazil
CCP (PA) is a member of the anti-revisionist ICMLPO and a party with deep roots in the working...
11th July 2013 17:39
by Roach Go to last post
by Kassad
11th May 2009 15:48
Soviet Imperialism
I'll be brief. I'm looking for your opinions on Soviet imperialism, notably regarding the...
18th August 2009 15:14
by Charles Xavier Go to last post
by Lolshevik
2nd June 2009 15:29
Writings by Stalin?
I'm looking to read up on some works by Stalin. What would you guys in the M-L group recommend? I'm...
1st September 2009 09:58
by scarletghoul Go to last post
by comrade_scotland
22nd August 2012 19:20
Getting cheap Marxist-Leninist books
Comrades, This summer I and other volunteers have been cataloging Marxist-Leninist and Left...
21st September 2012 14:13
by GallowsBird Go to last post
by Andropov
25th December 2009 13:59
Another View Of Stalin
Does anyone know where I can buy it online? Ive lost my old one and cant find another one around...
28th December 2009 11:40
by bailey_187 Go to last post
by Proletarian Ultra
19th June 2010 11:10
Is PSL a Marxist-Leninist Party?
Okay, obviously the PSL upholds Marx and Lenin. I'm using "Marxist-Leninist" in its common usage,...
30th July 2010 06:54
by The Hong Se Sun Go to last post
by Winter
4th August 2008 05:23
Anti-Revisionists UNITE.
I'm glad we finally have a group that can bring Hoxhaists, Maoists, and others who believe Josef...
4th August 2008 22:09
by Winter Go to last post

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