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Social Group Discussions in: Marxist-Leninists
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by Charles Xavier
11th June 2009 03:05
Which Party Which Country?
Comrades, from which country are you from and which party are you a member of or supportive of. ...
7th September 2015 04:20
by RedPunk Go to last post
by Ismail
7th October 2011 06:48
My notes and quotes I've collected
Some of you may be wondering how I can get so many quotes sometimes. Well this is because I take...
12th January 2016 07:53
by Ismail Go to last post
23rd June 2013 14:45
New Mod
I've noticed that GallowsBird is inactive and this group could use a new mod. I nominate Ismail for...
11th December 2014 06:59
by adipocere12 Go to last post
by GallowsBird
20th February 2012 09:48
Group avatar: to change or not to change.
Some of us have suggested changing the avatar to a new one while some of us think that the current...
2nd March 2012 05:09
by GallowsBird Go to last post
by Comrade_Stalin
13th March 2012 04:12
The rising number of anti-Stalinist groups on RevLef
I'm have noted time to time new anti-Stalinist groups, popping up from time to time on RevLeft, and...
20th March 2012 04:06
by Comrade_Stalin Go to last post
by El Chuncho
10th February 2012 20:19
New Maintainer for Our Group?
Like the Maoists, our group maintainer has not been around for some time. I'll not be knocking...
13th March 2012 11:57
by GallowsBird Go to last post
by GallowsBird
10th February 2012 19:25
Links to discussion threads.
Exoprism suggested that a thread should be made for M-L's to post links to threads that may be of...
27th May 2012 01:49
by Comrade Samuel Go to last post
by ColonelCossack
25th February 2012 21:17
awww shit
The Old Man from scene 24 got banned, so did the Stalinator. :(
19th May 2012 19:42
by ColonelCossack Go to last post
by Comrade_Stalin
28th February 2011 03:30
Anarchism your view on it.
With many of us being Stalinist, what is your view of Anarchism and Anarchist. I myself hate them,...
2nd July 2013 05:49
by Akshay! Go to last post
by Intelligitimate
23rd December 2009 04:12
We could all be potentially restricted/banned soon.
We should vote on this poll. ...
31st December 2009 00:05
by Charles Xavier Go to last post
by GallowsBird
6th February 2012 14:39
A call for Marxist-Leninist unity.
Hello comrades. I was thinking about the plight of Marxism-Leninism on the internet, and also in...
19th February 2012 09:59
by ColonelCossack Go to last post
by Questionable
10th December 2012 09:29
Theory of Productive Forces?
The group description contains this: if the Soviet Union had remained on this same course (see...
27th April 2013 23:54
by Roach Go to last post
by Comrade_Stalin
22nd May 2010 04:20
Head count
I'm trying to get a good fell for how many of us are marxist-leninists and how many just joined to...
3rd March 2011 14:57
by Jack Go to last post
by The Vegan Marxist
23rd March 2011 07:08
Change the M-L group picture?
As Marxist-Leninists, overall, I can see that we're all, in some shape or form, in support of...
25th June 2011 20:15
by Sixiang Go to last post
by Yet_Another_Boring_Marxist
24th December 2012 04:18
Do any of you have any temptation to Ice pick trots?
Now, I try to make a good effort to be non-sectarian on the main forum, but the more I read the...
7th March 2013 01:55
by Questionable Go to last post
by bad ideas actualised by alcohol
18th May 2012 19:45
How many of you think making a ML-forum is a good idea?
24th May 2012 23:03
by Sixiang Go to last post
by Charles Xavier
31st December 2009 00:24
Project for the Marxist-Leninist/communist forum.
We should set a goal to establish a marxist-leninist/communist forum. Something that people...
7th September 2010 00:11
by Charles Xavier Go to last post
by Kassad
26th March 2009 14:17
We Are All Stalinists Now
Is anyone else tempted to set their user title to 'Stalinist' just to piss off the Left Communists...
9th April 2009 20:52
by Communist Go to last post
by Comrade_Stalin
19th June 2010 23:55
Marxist-Leninists on gays and gay rights?
Time and time again I see someone say that Stalin banned gays in the Soviet Union. First I would...
22nd June 2011 04:18
by Sixiang Go to last post
by Comrade_Stalin
30th April 2012 01:31
Did you guy think the RevLeft is running the risk of going offline?
It seems that ever time I ghost this site, RevLeft has that in "urgent need of donations"up and...
3rd May 2012 01:30
by ColonelCossack Go to last post
by 4 Leaf Clover
29th October 2010 11:06
Charles is banned ....
Charles Xavier is banned for supposed trolling (mind you in chit-chat section) , but i couldn't see...
27th November 2010 04:07
by Communist Go to last post
by Kassad
28th May 2009 02:24
Marxist-Leninists Group Reigns Supreme
As of right now, the Marxist-Leninists group has 96 members, as opposed to the Trotskyist group...
8th July 2009 23:30
by rednordman Go to last post
by Kornilios Sunshine
8th September 2011 19:56
Name Change
Hey shouldn't it be MarxistS-Leninists?
2nd February 2012 21:41
by GallowsBird Go to last post
by Bostana
20th February 2012 16:09
What's wrong with Trotskyism?
I know Trotskyism is wrong I just need an education on the matter. Like what's wrong with Trotsky...
19th March 2012 14:12
by El Chuncho Go to last post
by Kassad
1st May 2009 13:06
New Picture For Group Vote
At Tupac's request, I've posted a thread to vote on a potential new picture for the new...
10th May 2009 20:44
by Wanted Man Go to last post
by Charles Xavier
30th January 2009 18:23
Reading List
I think it should be in good working order we create a marxist-leninist reading list. On a variety...
2nd September 2009 11:03
by bailey_187 Go to last post
by Charles Xavier
29th April 2009 21:09
I am wondering comrades if there is opposition to changing the name on the group to...
1st May 2009 04:00
by Charles Xavier Go to last post
by Brad
15th August 2008 19:55
"Another View of Stalin"
Just thought I'd bring this book to everyone's attention....
30th April 2009 23:36
by Das war einmal Go to last post
by Charles Xavier
25th June 2009 14:44
Commie Club Anarchists Campaigning to restrict Marxists
Comrades, there is a campaign by the Anarchists on the Commie Club to restrict Marxist-Leninist on...
20th August 2009 09:36
by Wanted Man Go to last post
by Kassad
18th February 2009 15:08
Revolutionary Communist Party
Hey guys. I'm starting to have a lot of problems and ideological breaks with the party I'm...
3rd May 2009 19:59
by Kassad Go to last post

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