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Group Maintained by F9

This group exists to discuss matters concerning anti-theism and militant atheism. We reject all gods, religion, spirituality and superstition as both untrue and positively harmful to society.

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From Dani Phantom
If we're all God's children...what's so special about Jesus?
From Dennis the 'Bloody Peasant'
From Salabra
Broken Jesus
From Salabra
Finding Jesus
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by Comrade Rage
14th June 2008 21:09
Religious clothing
I wanted to gague peoples' opinions of religious clothing. Should gold crosses, headscarves,...
28th February 2015 14:43
by mushroompizza Go to last post
19th May 2010 23:25
Draw muhammad day!
How does the left feel about something offensive to a minority but, "anti theist"?
28th February 2015 14:39
by mushroompizza Go to last post
by Comrade Rage
10th May 2008 22:37
What turned you into an anti-theist?
I thought that if people here shared their experiences with rejecting superstition, it could help...
19th February 2015 03:20
by NassNeco Go to last post
by Comrade_Stalin
22nd October 2010 18:57
Countering clams that Atheism is a religion
When I first heard this I was shocked by the lack of intelligences of the other person. But I have...
19th June 2014 15:21
by TheDoctor1996 Go to last post
6th February 2013 00:19
Humanism vs. Atheism ???
I have been a atheist for years, I believe in atheism because god(s) never came to me and spoke,...
9th May 2014 06:55
by Haldane Go to last post
by Comrade Rage
9th May 2008 03:47
Abolishing the Gregorian Calendar
I'm reposting this topic. It was lost during the board upgrade. (I don't know how to make a poll...
1st January 2014 00:47
by Hexen Go to last post
by Bolshevik Sickle
21st September 2013 05:36
I don't have a problem with moderate religious people. I met a muslim teen (seemed about my age),...
21st September 2013 05:36
by Bolshevik Sickle Go to last post
8th August 2008 09:22
Atheist camp What do you guys think?
6th February 2013 23:47
by DoCt SPARTAN Go to last post
by Stew312856
8th November 2011 16:14
When Atheism and Socialism collide...
As a Skeptical Atheist, I subscribe to Pat Condell's great podcast Godless Comedy. Recently...
3rd January 2012 03:35
by Sixiang Go to last post
by Comrade_Stalin
23rd October 2011 18:39
militant atheism
With so much support for anti-theist on the left, I find it hard to understand why many of you are...
14th December 2011 02:03
by Sixiang Go to last post
by Black Sheep
3rd September 2008 15:11
Atheist and anti-theist multimedia
Let's post images,videos etc of atheist and anti-theist material here. let the propaganda (or...
3rd January 2011 12:10
by NGNM85 Go to last post
by the youth dialectic
19th November 2010 22:02
The Evolution of Consciousness
An argument often used to shoot down the hopes of creating a better world is the argument of 'Human...
19th November 2010 22:02
by the youth dialectic Go to last post
by al8
9th May 2008 03:41
Reading material and other helpful resources
Since the old thread was lost in the board update. We should repost what we remeber and ad further...
17th October 2010 16:40
by TheGodlessUtopian Go to last post
by Kuppo Shakur
21st September 2010 03:50
Godless spirituality
I am an anti-theist. Not only do I not believe in any kind of god, but I believe that the belief...
23rd September 2010 23:42
by Kuppo Shakur Go to last post
by Ral Duke
8th May 2008 03:28
The Left and Religion
I bet you all have seen many leftists support/protect religion (such as chimx!; usually under the...
20th July 2010 00:02
by Terminator X Go to last post
by Manoir de mes reves
6th June 2009 22:49
Nietzsche and atheism.
These quotes, taken from On the Genealogy of Morals, present a very interested question for us...
4th April 2010 04:13
by Turinbaar Go to last post
by Manoir de mes reves
20th October 2008 19:37
An Argument Against Monotheistic Religion
I posted this in the religion section, but I figured it may be of special use here. Feel free to...
7th November 2009 14:45
by DecDoom Go to last post
by mykittyhasaboner
11th June 2008 03:21
Islamic/Arab socialism
what are your opinions on islamic socialist ideologies? are muhammed's "teachings" (set the fact...
11th October 2009 09:04
by Salabra Go to last post
by eyedrop
17th May 2008 12:48
Article by a religious
Den som derimot forfekter konservative eller religise verdier, kan ikke forvente seg respekt....
11th September 2009 09:29
by Julien Holcroft Go to last post
by Ral Duke
11th June 2008 02:01
Is it just me or is some sections of the left become keen in instead of joining to criticize...
25th August 2009 01:10
by RedStarOverChina Go to last post
by Manoir de mes reves
27th November 2008 09:09
Resources for the Anti-Theist
This thread was created as a resource for anti-theists. Websites and books are currently listed. ...
27th June 2009 11:38
by JimFar Go to last post
by The Feral Underclass
7th May 2008 15:32
Our poor group...
...It was probably god who deleted our threads! What are we going to do about this?
5th June 2009 21:51
by marxistcritic Go to last post
by al8
21st May 2008 16:09
Does anyone know of some good reading material about the history and practice...
....of anti-theism in the U.S.S.R.? I would really like to familiarize myself with the history.
14th May 2009 14:23
by marxistcritic Go to last post
by redwinter
10th April 2009 20:29
"morality without gods" audio files
hey guys, wanted to post a couple links to audio files related to sunsara taylor's recent...
10th April 2009 20:29
by redwinter Go to last post
by F9
9th May 2008 14:16
Bring topics to our attention
Is there an intesting thread elsewhere on RevLeft, or on some other discussion board on the...
8th April 2009 09:18
by Ẋʼn Go to last post
by Black Sheep
13th January 2009 14:29
The issue of respect
Which many theists raise,claiming that any criticism on their religious beliefs (and yeah,even...
1st March 2009 04:25
by Black Sheep Go to last post
by The Feral Underclass
12th May 2008 23:23
Anti-Theist Action
I've started this thread again because I want to understand peoples positions more. Should a...
26th February 2009 16:35
by Coggeh Go to last post
by The Feral Underclass
22nd October 2008 11:39
Poll vote
Can all CC members please look at this thread and vote accordingly. The god botherer's are winning...
22nd October 2008 11:39
by The Feral Underclass Go to last post
by al8
9th May 2008 03:53
Should we keep the forum out of view exept to members, like as before the update?
I parused the forum without being loged in and I saw that this forum was open to everyone. Even...
30th July 2008 17:04
by Fuserg9 Go to last post
by Random Precision
26th July 2008 00:20
A Guide to Anti-Theism?
Sorry for posting in here without being a member of this group, but I feel the need to in this one...
26th July 2008 00:20
by Random Precision Go to last post

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