Marxist Existentialism

We are a group dedicated to the tenets and philosophies of both Marxism and Existentialism. We seek to show the reconciliation of both ideologies, and show that they are not in conflict with each other. In fact, one may even need the other as the human body needs oxygen. We also seek to dispel the myth that Existentialism entails pointless angst and counterproductive pessimism. Existentialism is less the idea that "life is pointless." It is more the idea that "nothing has predetermined humanity's purpose, therefore it is our RESPONSIBILITY to create our own meaning in life, and to do so responsibly and soberly. In addition to our quest within ourselves to overcome Nausea and angst that confronts all people in their self-determined life journey, we also are ware of our society, the potential that it holds and the problems that faces it. We see that capitalism and any system in which freedom of both society and the individual are violated by the rule of a small, elite class as a great hindrance on humanity, even if humanity's existence precedes its essence. We welcome all who are sincerely interested in learning and enriching their minds and encourage positive and productive discussion.

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