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Social Group

East Coast / Southern Leftists

Group Maintained by Dean

Networking group for those in new england to the dirty south.

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by Bright Banana Beard
14th December 2008 01:00
Southwest Floridan
Anyone on SW? Especially in Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral, Golden Gate, Immokaleee etc.
5th June 2015 03:14
by mushroompizza Go to last post
by ashtonh
10th May 2014 19:24
Hi from a Mississippi Leftist
hey guys and gals greetings from the teabagger state.
1st May 2015 04:59
by JoeHill Go to last post
by A.R.Amistad
2nd November 2009 20:09
Regional question
Looking at your map, I fall into this category, but I'm a little torn. I am from rural...
26th June 2014 18:31
by Bad Grrrl Agro Go to last post
by Bad Grrrl Agro
15th June 2014 22:32
Western NC?
Anyone else in this beautiful Appalachian paradise?
15th June 2014 22:32
by Bad Grrrl Agro Go to last post
by PilesOfDeadNazis
21st July 2010 02:16
Are there any radical Leftists here? The only Leftists I seem to run across are people who call...
15th June 2014 22:29
by Bad Grrrl Agro Go to last post
by Johnny Panic
22nd April 2011 08:25
Greetings From Washington DC
Any others?
1st May 2014 06:13
by Narodsky Go to last post
by Vendetta
23rd September 2008 18:06
Anyone 'round from there?
19th April 2014 02:17
by Bad Grrrl Agro Go to last post
by Rugged Collectivist
10th January 2014 00:31
Anyone else from the greatest state?
10th January 2014 00:31
by Rugged Collectivist Go to last post
by edwad
29th August 2013 04:10
anyone around alabama?
this group seems to have grown a little cold, but i'm in central alabama looking for some...
29th August 2013 04:10
by edwad Go to last post
by Mista Commie
22nd April 2012 18:11
Any Louisiana commies?
I'm from Alexandria. What 'bout you?
30th May 2013 20:20
by billydan Go to last post
by L.A.P.
28th September 2010 22:54
Anyone here live in Rochester, New York?
Does anyone here live in the City of Rochester, Brighton, Pittsford, Henrietta, Webster, Penfield,...
20th March 2013 15:23
by pinkfishegg Go to last post
by Escape Artist
18th September 2008 12:23
Nj, ny
Holla at me :)
6th March 2013 22:18
by Petrol_Bomb Go to last post
6th February 2013 01:43
Who here is from NJ, I live in mercer county NJ, Wanted to know if any other leftist groups or any...
6th February 2013 01:43
by DoCt SPARTAN Go to last post
by KurtFF8
6th May 2010 04:56
New "Southern Leftists" Blog Check it out and you can even contribute if you'd like
21st November 2012 13:30
by freethinker Go to last post
by A.R.Amistad
2nd November 2009 20:11
Kentucky-Indiana leftists
Any comrades in close proximity to Louisville, Terre Haute, Lexington, Indianapolis, Cincinnati,...
22nd May 2012 23:39
by Pretty Flaco Go to last post
by RedTrackWorker
18th May 2012 08:44
LRP talk on OWS in Memphis, TN on May 26
Occupy Wall Street: A Marxist Assessment Presentation by an LRP supporter (me) Saturday, May...
18th May 2012 08:44
by RedTrackWorker Go to last post
by Ruskie at Heart
25th November 2010 15:06
Anybody here a Mainah??:lol:
26th April 2012 01:02
by TheGodlessUtopian Go to last post
by Dean
26th September 2008 03:03
Yes, I live in the capital of the Confederacy. Any other takers?
1st November 2011 05:05
by mrmikhail Go to last post
by miccal99
2nd December 2008 23:03
It seems like we are all voices shouting into the void here, so allow me to add my own... ...
31st October 2011 02:43
by Iraultzaile Ezkerreko Go to last post
by eyeheartlenin
12th August 2011 18:42
Anyone from Rhode Island?
I just re-joined Rev Left, after a few years away. I would be interested in hearing from any...
12th August 2011 18:42
by eyeheartlenin Go to last post
by Granite Comrade
28th April 2011 22:56
hello from NH
Hi, Any one here from the southern NH, southern ME or northern Ma area????
28th April 2011 22:56
by Granite Comrade Go to last post
by Bright Banana Beard
25th February 2011 03:41
Any comrades living in New Jersey?
Especially from Atlantic County?
6th April 2011 20:46
by a rebel Go to last post
by Mike Russell
24th November 2009 23:43
New Orleans
Anyone from NOLA?
19th January 2011 01:17
by Proukunin Go to last post
by Big Red
13th March 2009 02:35
NEWP North east White pride group starts taking action
These guys are apparently mostly "net" nazis but as this article shows ...
26th September 2010 13:32
by Stand Your Ground Go to last post
by Highlander9687
29th August 2010 05:31
Anyone in the Metro Atlanta area from up North?
I have been stuck here since 1994. From South Philly.
29th August 2010 13:17
by HEAD ICE Go to last post
by chegitz guevara
29th March 2010 23:11
Miami May Day!
May Day 1PM IBEW Hall, Miami March on Jackson Memorial Hospital More details when I get home.
2nd May 2010 02:25
by chegitz guevara Go to last post
by redphilly
25th March 2010 15:54
East Coast Conference
I'm going to this - it looks like a good bunch of workshops. ...
25th March 2010 15:54
by redphilly Go to last post
by Big Red
6th February 2010 18:02
MAY DAY! 2010 Hartford,CT Should be a great event, hosted by...
6th February 2010 18:02
by Big Red Go to last post
by Red Subverter
20th January 2010 19:35
Long Island, NY
anyone here live on long island?
20th January 2010 19:35
by Red Subverter Go to last post
by chegitz guevara
23rd December 2009 22:24
Southeast Florida Socialists!
I have secured locations for meetings in Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties for socialist study...
23rd December 2009 22:24
by chegitz guevara Go to last post

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