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Social Group

American Revolutionaries

Group Maintained by TheGodlessUtopian

This group is for all revolutionary Americans living in the USA. This group will discuss specific events, problems, and questions that face us as Americans in our pursuit for revolution and socialist construction. All tenancies are welcome. It is the hope of this group to create a framework for national cohesion and dialogue, whereby we all become aware of the particular struggles and obstacles facing the prospect of revolution in America.

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by Comrade Faxman
11th July 2015 23:22
Native Americans
Hello. I am here to discuss Native Americans. The American imperialists forced millions of innocent...
11th July 2015 23:22
by Comrade Faxman Go to last post
by Red Commissar
14th October 2010 02:38
Just for fun- A communist USA's flag?
We already got one such image as the user group image and the two in the gallery, I am curious to...
10th July 2015 05:22
by StromboliFucker666 Go to last post
by mushroompizza
2nd May 2015 22:31
American Parties
I know they are all pretty small but could someone give me a basic outline of all the leftwing...
2nd May 2015 22:31
by mushroompizza Go to last post
by Cosmonaut
26th September 2014 22:51
Could Juche work in America?
I watched a video by Jason Unruhe once an he said that he thinks Juche is a Korean ideology (duh)...
2nd May 2015 22:28
by mushroompizza Go to last post
by Ismail
3rd June 2014 18:51
Marxist histories of the USA (PDFs inside)
11th November 2014 15:41
by Ismail Go to last post
by HangtheBourgeoisie23
29th September 2014 00:50
international solidarity
Who knows good ways to demonstrate solidarity with our revolutionary comrades in the fight for...
29th September 2014 00:50
by HangtheBourgeoisie23 Go to last post
by Pravda Soyuz
17th January 2011 18:22
Revolutionary tactics
If you were the leader of the revolutionary forces in America shortly before the revolution, what...
29th September 2014 00:46
by HangtheBourgeoisie23 Go to last post
by Cosmonaut
3rd September 2014 22:56
Hello Fellow Amerikkkan Revolutionaries!
Hello. I've joined this group. I want to say my particular belief of socialism and communism in...
4th September 2014 23:15
by Cosmonaut Go to last post
by A.R.Amistad
22nd December 2009 00:35
Which America to support.
I would like to discuss J.P. Cannon's piece "the two Americas" which I think clearly lays out the...
21st June 2014 01:49
by CaptainCool309 Go to last post
by Ismail
2nd February 2014 09:43
Outline Political History of the Americas (PDF download) This should be of interest to...
3rd February 2014 04:45
by SocialistStudent Go to last post
by Rural Comrade
31st October 2013 00:37
I figure that this would be the best place for this discussion since I know of it being a problem...
31st October 2013 00:37
by Rural Comrade Go to last post
by FL_Guerrilla
20th December 2012 19:12
Would you do it?
If you were to throw a revolution in the USA and you were in charge of it, would you want to be...
27th December 2012 07:44
by TheTrotskyist☭ Go to last post
by Comrade_Stalin
21st October 2010 23:27
Why American
I would like to hear the reason why you think we will all follow just the red and not the...
31st August 2012 02:12
by Камо́ Зэд Go to last post
by Monkey Riding Dragon
11th May 2010 12:41
Making Revolution in a Civil War Situation
I believe this is actually my first post on this forum so far, even though I've formally been a...
1st June 2012 01:16
by Commiekirby Go to last post
by btpound
23rd December 2009 07:08
New Parties, what do they mean?
Recently, I have been looking around for a party or group to join. However, quite a few of the...
10th March 2012 02:16
by Brosa Luxemburg Go to last post
by A.R.Amistad
27th December 2009 22:08
How Bourgeois was the 1776 revolution?
We always say that the 1776 revolution was led by the bourgeoisie, but most of its leaders came...
13th January 2012 18:47
by Sixiang Go to last post
by btpound
21st December 2009 19:28
Obstacles of Revolution in America
What do you think are some of the biggest hurdles in the way of creating revolution in America? ...
13th January 2012 05:03
by Sixiang Go to last post
by Ruskie at Heart
15th October 2010 14:05
The Revolution
I have been thinking about an upcoming revolution in the USA any comments???
13th January 2012 04:42
by Sixiang Go to last post
by btpound
21st December 2009 23:06
Biggest Revolutionary Part?
What is the largest revolutionary party in America? Also, can you name them?
13th January 2012 04:40
by Sixiang Go to last post
by Outinleftfield
26th March 2010 20:09
Protest Voting As A Strategy
It seems to me that a lot of people who realize that trying to win elections or supporting...
13th January 2012 04:25
by Sixiang Go to last post
by Turinbaar
28th January 2010 02:10
Democratic Socialism in America
There are two major changes which would help bring a form of democratic socialism to the US. The...
12th August 2011 06:54
by CornetJoyce Go to last post
by btpound
21st December 2009 23:09
American government the day after...
Do you think that the American form of government would be completely scratched, or do you think...
25th May 2011 23:49
by CornetJoyce Go to last post
by CornetJoyce
4th May 2011 05:38
4th May 2011 05:38
by CornetJoyce Go to last post
by Big Red
6th February 2010 19:08
Hartford,CT may day 2010! speeches, music, free food, &...
6th February 2010 19:08
by Big Red Go to last post

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