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Social Group

Free Software

Group Maintained by RedAnarchist

For the discussion and promotion of Free Software (Free, Libre, Open Source Software). Open to developers and users both.

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From T-Paine

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6th December 2011 10:53
Fully Free GNU/Linux Distributions
Does anyone use a fully free GNU/Linux system? No firmware blobs or any non-free software? Here's...
7th July 2012 09:41
by owl Go to last post
by Drosophila
23rd April 2012 04:23
Relating GIMP to Photoshop?
I've been using Photoshop on my laptop for about two years now, but since I recently decided to try...
23rd April 2012 04:23
by Drosophila Go to last post
by StoneFrog
20th September 2011 12:47
So do we have any developers here that contribute to FOSS projects? Would be interesting to see...
20th September 2011 12:47
by StoneFrog Go to last post
by Kami
16th May 2008 02:18
The one true distro we've all been waiting for, or a false messiah? Post your thoughts on Ubuntu...
17th September 2011 20:16
by Rodrigo Go to last post
by Shader
22nd November 2008 16:44
Engineers/Programmers: The new "Working Class"?
So, In today's world the workers in factories are leaving their places to robots and machines. Do...
22nd February 2011 22:34
by stoneMonkey Go to last post
by tbasherizer
10th June 2010 07:32
The Open Source Revolution?
Considering that this is a forum about the Revolutionary Left, and this particular group is about...
20th February 2011 02:56
by stoneMonkey Go to last post
by apathy maybe
8th February 2011 07:02
New maintainer needed
See subject/title. Ask an admin or something to remove me, and put yourself in place. Or whatever.
8th February 2011 23:08
by Q Go to last post
by JazzRemington
26th August 2010 20:46
Making Ubuntu Look Like Windows 7 Thought this might be of interest to...
26th August 2010 20:46
by JazzRemington Go to last post
by Shmuel Katz
8th August 2010 01:33
If Linux is Communism...
Then is BSD is Anarchism? Discuss.
8th August 2010 19:14
by JazzRemington Go to last post
by JazzRemington
26th June 2010 02:42
Chromium OS
Anyone ever try Chromium OS? I know it's not publicly available yet, but you can either build a...
26th June 2010 02:42
by JazzRemington Go to last post
by StoneFrog
22nd February 2010 01:03
A promising new or should i say old face has started to make head way to becoming a great...
29th March 2010 09:09
by ¿Que? Go to last post
by JazzRemington
28th December 2009 11:30
Infamous Chinese pirates launch Ubuntu that looks just like Windows XP "From the Chinese...
10th February 2010 03:46
by Sendo Go to last post
by Communist Theory
8th May 2009 23:06
I personally prefer it because it's easy customize and it's works with the TOR network which...
1st December 2009 01:48
by blank Go to last post
by yuon
15th October 2009 08:33
Free copyleft blog posts
So folks, first post for a few months I see. Umm, slack buggers. Anyway, I was looking for opinions...
26th October 2009 15:46
by Tjis Go to last post
by MarxSchmarx
26th July 2009 05:53
Laptop died
So, after about 3 yrs of noble service, my laptop finally died. Seems the fan/heatsource was...
26th July 2009 06:28
by JazzRemington Go to last post
by welshboy
16th May 2009 21:15
What does yours look like?
25th July 2009 22:15
by JazzRemington Go to last post
by welshboy
10th May 2009 07:01
'Backing up' encrypted DVD's
how does one go about it? I've tried with a couple of programs and they all refuse to back up...
5th July 2009 21:10
by The Idler Go to last post
by libsoc
11th April 2009 21:47
The Mac philosophy of "it just works" is obviously flawed (we can see that from the hack conference...
29th June 2009 07:44
by CommunityBeliever Go to last post
by Sprocket Hole
29th April 2009 02:40
Wireless Connection in Ubuntu 8.10
Wondering if you folks may be able to help? I used a Linksys G-USB wireless adapter from windows...
29th April 2009 02:40
by Sprocket Hole Go to last post
by welshboy
21st March 2009 12:55
DVD Creation
Does anyone know of any decent howto's for creating 'proper' DVD's with K3B, or any other linux...
10th April 2009 09:37
by BOZG Go to last post
17th March 2009 13:35
Rants against support staff!
This doesn't specifically relate to free software but I need to rant anyway. Are the people...
7th April 2009 11:24
by BOZG Go to last post
by MarxSchmarx
4th March 2009 07:29
I was browsing the ubuntu forums the other day and there's this LOOOONG thread about macs. ...
18th March 2009 01:50
by BOZG Go to last post
by Prophetic
16th November 2008 21:11
Linux Advice
Hey comrades, I'm going to download a Linux operating system.. What would you guys recommend?...
13th February 2009 18:07
by BOZG Go to last post
by The Idler
21st January 2009 14:14
Firefox Search Engines
Anyone know of any socialist Search Engines at Mycroft? I was hoping the Marxists Internet Archive...
22nd January 2009 22:04
by The Idler Go to last post
by apathy maybe
16th October 2008 10:07 3 now avaliable.
13 Oct 2008: Following three years of continuous improvement, has now reached the...
14th January 2009 06:42
by MarxSchmarx Go to last post
by Dust Bunnies
2nd November 2008 22:38
Need a video converter
A friend and I are working on this simple video, a tribute. My family got a DVD of this event where...
11th January 2009 21:29
by bellyscratch Go to last post
by Pirate turtle the 11th
29th December 2008 22:11
Free (safe) movies and tv shows for IPOD
Im shit at torrenting stuff and my PC dont seem to like it but if anyone has any other ways (links...
31st December 2008 15:35
by Pirate turtle the 11th Go to last post
by Rascolnikova
21st November 2008 10:36
I put this in DIY because I thought it would be of general interest, but it seems maybe the people...
21st November 2008 10:36
by Rascolnikova Go to last post
by Sendo
29th October 2008 00:34
Question on OS (like Linux) on External HDD
I'm going to finally make the switch to Linux. I was wondering if I could install the OS to a USB...
4th November 2008 00:40
by Sendo Go to last post
by MarxSchmarx
30th September 2008 06:39
mac v. pc commercial spoofs
So the Mac/PC commercials have inspired people to ask, what if we put a *nix into the mix? I...
30th September 2008 20:23
by apathy maybe Go to last post

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